My Test with the Liquid ICS MR 2.3 Beta - "Couldn't activate"Tips

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  1. AlexOnVinyl

    AlexOnVinyl Well-Known Member

    So I tried the Liquid ICS MR 2.3 Beta - I like the additions to it but unfortunately I couldn't even make it past the Activation Screen... :(




  2. jimmyco2008

    jimmyco2008 Member

    Alex my man again,

    Tap the four corners of the activation screen in clockwise motion, starting with upper right corner. Preferably do this before you get to the activation screen.
  3. AlexOnVinyl

    AlexOnVinyl Well-Known Member

    What does that do?
  4. jimmyco2008

    jimmyco2008 Member

    Well good sir I'll tell ya what it does, it skips the whole welcome/activation process and plants you right on the home screen desktop.

    It's funny, over at XDA *cough cough wink wink* they didn't believe it when another guy told them to do that, they were like "it actually worked".

    Of course there's about a 10% chance of bricking your phone doing this...

    Just kidding haha.

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