My Thrive factory reset on its own. Why?General

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  1. two_wheeled

    two_wheeled New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I'm hoping to find some help here.
    I've had my Toshiba Thrive 16GB for about a month now. On Sunday I hit the power button to put it to sleep, like I do 20 times a day, but this time it wouldn't wake up again when I hit the power button again. Battery was at 80% so I know it wasn't dead.
    Not knowing what to do, I held the power button down for about 20 seconds to get it to reset. I've done this once or twice before without ill effects, but this time when it reset, I was greeted by new-device setup questions.
    The Thrive had been reset to factory defaults. I didn't think this was possible without more user intervention. :( I read through the docs and can't find what I did wrong to make that happen. I wasn't touching the volume button, by the way.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance,
    -Steve in Phx

  2. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    That is the "Sleep of Death". It's a common issue on the Thrive and some other devices like the Nook Color.

    Not much to say because there is no fix.

    As far as the factory defaults, did it wipe all your data? Are your apps all gone and do you have to reinstall all of them? If so, I hope you backed up everything.
  3. two_wheeled

    two_wheeled New Member

    Yes, it wiped out all my apps and data. I did not back it up yet.
    Luckily I had not paid for any of those apps!
    I'll have to look up this Sleep of Death. Never heard of it.
  4. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Weird, I've never seen a Sleep of Death factory reset a device. That is odd. Are you on the ICS/Android 4.0? Is your Thrive rooted?
  5. two_wheeled

    two_wheeled New Member

    Yes, weird. Sad, but weird.
    It is not rooted.
    Last week I allowed the Service Station to update it. Now I'm running Android version: 4.0.4
  6. Knocks

    Knocks Active Member

    So it's been doing that before the update or after?
  7. two_wheeled

    two_wheeled New Member

    I only had the Thrive about a month and the lockups were after the update.
    Shortly after I posted this, it stopped booting altogether. I couldn't clear the cache or reset to factory defaults. It continually gave me errors. I had to pay to ship it back to Toshiba for repair and it's supposed to come back to me next week. I'm crossing my fingers....

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