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  1. mulderfox

    mulderfox Member

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  2. onpointG35

    onpointG35 Well-Known Member

    I enjoy my tablet I recommend this to everyone
  3. reubenmikul

    reubenmikul New Member

    In Drops of Wisdoms article he says that a 3G connection to the internet is not even an option. I'm new to this game so has anyone had any success using a hot spot for internet connectivity at places away from Wi-Fi sources using 4G or anything else? I was planning on buying a hot spot from Amazon and then using it with an AT&T monthly data plan and don't want to waste my money so please provide input or suggestions to help me out.
  4. mulderfox

    mulderfox Member

    Apologies, When I wrote it, Toshiba hasn't come out with the wifi+3g version yet. now it does have one. As for the wifi hotspot support - I used my tablet many times with both 3g based wifi hotspots (my trusty galaxy s phone acting as a hotspot) and conventional hotspots with great results.

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