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  1. cheekys00

    cheekys00 Well-Known Member

    Hello, I had an HTC Inspire a while back. When the system update was installed, it MESSED up the phone. There are threads about that issue, so it happened to ALOT of people.
    Now, my mom has the MYTOUCH Q, and it just notified her of a software update. Has anyone done that? I'm gun shy to install it for her and it messes up her phone, like my old inspire got messed up. Anyone know anything about it?

    it says it will be updateing from the
    u8730c85b837sp01 to u8730c855b839spO3
    What does that mean? Can someone please PLEASE help.

  2. ajbuck68

    ajbuck68 Well-Known Member

    You'd have better luck at the my touch Q forum. another thing that's always good to do. Google it.
  3. cheekys00

    cheekys00 Well-Known Member

    ANYONE? Someone has to have some info on this

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