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  1. Imro

    Imro New Member

    I had somehow managed to screw my U8650 up and I probably need to reinstall the operating system - most-likely my only chance. In fact, everything was going fine, the phone was working like a charm, but all of sudden it stopped responding (I was changing my desktop backgroung at hat time). Like, forever. The display faded out after a minute but the phone was still running, it wouldn't respond to any of my moves. Nothing, totally. I took out the battery, turned it off again, the phone managed to turn on, but I've only seen the logo and the display faded out again after like a minute.

    When I plug it on battery, the display fade back in, but I only see locked screen which I can't unlock, since the display does not respond to anything. Neither any of the buttons.

    Is there any chance how to reinstall (even format) Android via PC without doing anything directly on the phone please?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  2. yohankay

    yohankay New Member


    did you check the hard reset?
    to do a hard reset, you have to remove the battery for 3 seconds, put it back to the phone, press hold POWER button with VOL + button till you get a bios menu. when you go to that menu, only power button and volume buttons are working. power to select and vol for up and down.

    you have to select each option from the bottom to top for do a hard reset. and restart the phone.

    if this doesn't work,
    you have to update the firmware of the phone.

    to do that you have to download the firmware.
    link to the firmware:

    link to the instruction:

    hope this will help you
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  3. Imro

    Imro New Member

    Thanks for replying, I'm not sure this will help me with my problem though since the device is not even responding to hard reset, nor any combination of VOL UP/VOL DOWN/POWER BUTTON. Each time, the device just turn on and the display stops as the screen with logo.

    I'm sure it can be repaired, but I need to reinstall the phone over computer. However, I don't know whether is it possible.
  4. georcrgr

    georcrgr New Member

    i have the same problem,how exactly you solve this?
  5. jeniferrubia22

    jeniferrubia22 New Member


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