My Ultimate CLIQ settings (so far)

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  1. drewbdope

    drewbdope Active Member

    Ok so this is the way i have my CLIQ set up and some things that I have and to me, this is the ultimate set up (with very simple tweaking).

    For starters, we aren't able to root yet (maybe in a month or so?) so I need my phone to run as light and fast as possible.

    The MotoBlur is a great feature to attract people, but the service isn't full Twitter, FaceBook, or Myspace. I personally think you'll get a much better experience from getting these applications separately.

    I have MotoBlur still signed in (just so it can sync my contacts, settings, etc.) however, I did sign out of my facebook and twitter accounts (I dont ever use mysapce) and that meant no need for those stock widgets (the status, happenings, messages). You know what that means? Not so much data interaction even when I'm not using my phone aka longer lasting battery!

    So I put the widgets in the trash and made my homescreen how I want it. My phone moves faster and lasts longer, as well as shows the freed up memory with those cancellations (about 8 to 10 MB).

    Now, in my opinion, the facebook apps arent needed. The web browser on this thing brings out the website beautifully, especially in the touch interface of facebook.

    Twitter does too, but it wont move as fast. So I would suggest going into the marketplace for your twitter apps. Also, I will list below the applications I have as well as why, and the amount of space they take up. Remember, the more memory used, the slower your phone performs.

    Ready? Here we go...

    1. "AppManager": simply manages your 3rd party applications. It enables you to install from the SD, or uninstall with ease. Also, it allows you to move and uninstalled app to the SD card, just in case you may want to re-install later on. This keeps you from having to search through the marketplace again.

    Memory used = 99kb

    2. "Nice Battery": One of many great battery managers out in the market. I like this for its simple battery status as well as 3G/2G shortcuts (some people don't realize you can turn 3G off to save on battery). I didn't know how to turn it off and use 2G (EDGE) until I got this app. Also, one touch bluetooth, wifi, GPS, and cell location switches are used. The application says it will notify you if you overcharge or leave services on (both optional).

    Memory used = 24kb

    3. "Swift Twitter": Great, light, twitter app. All the capabilities of the apps you want. If you use twitter then you know what I mean, you know what you need, and this does it. Done.

    Memory used = 460 kb

    4. "Rings Extended": this application allows you to use custom ringtones with much ease. If you, like myself, have downloaded ringtones from a website directly to your phone then you notice you can use them as ringtones. However, if you turn your phone off then back on, that ringtone is gone out of the phone memory. This application allows it to save the tones and directly pick them from anywhere on the SD card. Great stuff. One of my favorite apps.

    Memory used = 75kb

    5. "OI File Manager": OI manages your files on your SD and in the phone with simplicity and ease. There are also some great apps that do the same job, but to me, some of them have really unnecessary functions and can become confusing after a few clicks. Need to move, copy, delete? There's an app for that (suck it iPhone!)

    Memory used = 149 kb

    6. "TasKiller": this is the app I speak about most. This is my tiny terminator. It kills any application running in the background that you may be unaware of. You can go into the application and choose which functions to kill (and by "kill" I mean stop it from running, not eliminate it from your phone, as I think many people misinterpret). My favorite feature of this lies in the one touch killswitch widget. I have it on the 5th screen so I dont touch it by accident. It knocks everything out and you can just hit the home button and start off running only the necessary apps. Significant speed difference people! Like I said you can kill one or all functions, it's up to you.

    Memory used = 171 kb

    7. "SMS Backup": I haven't noticed a way to save SMS on this phone which is fine. SMS Backup does something very simple and unique. It backs all of your SMS to your Gmail folks. It creates a folder, SMS (rename it if you'd like) and stores them all conveniently in your google mail account where you can go in and view, delete, lick the screen at, etc.) Pretty sweet if you ask me. Once again, keeping internal memory free. Yes!

    Memory used = 661 kb

    Those are some of the great functioning apps I have running. And my phone moves very fast! I have no lag. Occasionally the accelorometer may take a half second longer, but that's about it.

    Hopefully this helps. If you have any questions feel free to ask away. Peace freaks!


    BORIStheBLADE Well-Known Member

    I pretty much did the same thing you did. I turned off all the blur apps except for the message one. I run a bookmark for facebook on the desktop and run twitterdroid.

    I tried the ring extends, but it doesn't really do what I want. I can already set songs as rings with out it. I would like to get ringtones to loop. When you use a ringtone you put on the phone it only plays it once.

    Im giving taskill a run right now. I'm trying to figure out if by turning it on it closes apps or I need to actually close apps within to have it do anything.

    A app I found that helps save the battery is APNdroid. It disables 3g/edge and gprs with one click.
  3. drewbdope

    drewbdope Active Member

    Well the one thing for me is that with the ringtones, I could set them. But if I turned my phone off then back on.... they would be gone to normal setting.

    And task killer is simple. You'll figure it out in no time.
  4. racer005

    racer005 New Member

    Thanks a lot for posting this information. I'm currently considering a Cliq purchase, and this was very helpful.

    The issue for me is that I love everything the Cliq offers -- the keyboard, the sleek Android skin, etc. -- EXCEPT Motoblur. I truly have no use for it, not even the syncing.

    The make-or-break for me is going to be whether I can actually disable the feature...or at least remain permanently signed out. I've gotten conflicting reports elsewhere as to whether or not this is possible. The info posted by drewbdope does sound encouraging.

    Can anyone fill me in?
  5. drewbdope

    drewbdope Active Member

    Well, I am signed into BLUR itself, for the reason of backup in case something happens to the phone, i can always just have the info shot back to a new one. But all of the accounts are unnecessary. You wont see a diff between a regular android and the blur OS with all those widgets in the trash.
  6. barryman9000

    barryman9000 Member

    I'm using Nice Battery (after reading this post) and when I can get it to work, it's pretty nice... no pun intended. I have a shortcut to Nice Battery on the home screen. When I unlock the screen and select it, here's what happens
    1. Nothing
    2. I click it again, the "On/Off" toggle screen flashes, then it takes me to "Network Settings"
    3. Close the Network Settings with the home button
    4. Hit Nice Battery shortcut
    5. Repeat all indefinitely

    It only takes me to the NB "On/Off" screen if I hit the return button (or "back" button next to home) at the Network Settings Screen... which takes me to the home screen. I hit Nice Battery AGAIN, and I finally get there. Pretty frustrating.

    Any suggestions?
  7. keebs29

    keebs29 Active Member

    Does anyone know of an app that allows you to send pics to facebook directly? For some reason, the Cliq only allows u to send pics to myspace and twitter and NOT facebook which is odd for a phone geared towards social website like facebook.:confused:
  8. Kspeelman

    Kspeelman Member

    Please explain root
  9. drewbdope

    drewbdope Active Member

    Root is basically taking your phone back to before the end-user settings. Meaning, it will take it back to the development stage allowing you to highly customize your phone with different ROM's [such as Hero, Droid, Nexus One, etc.] and also tinker with settings you could not access as an end-user.

  10. realsickclown

    realsickclown Well-Known Member

    Ok you can load pics to anything in your picture gallery with all your pics in view press and hold the pic U wanna transfer and a sub screen will show then select where you want the pic to be sent good luck.
  11. dayoungdude

    dayoungdude New Member

    Nice info on this one....I personally like the motoblur but I found that I can keep everything running on my cliq and still with heavy of sms, twitter and net. I jus used the smart batt setting in my settings. In this you can change the time that u want ur cliq to a work hrose and perform as needed or back off. I own my own business so I'm constantly networking and blur is needed to keep me in sync. I have rec'd about a 30% boost in batt. I set it timeout after so long and not update my blur between certains. Hey it worked for me and my wife.
  12. harrisc2h

    harrisc2h New Member

    Im new to this but i have to say the cliq was a big let down i hope it gets the up date soon i came from the g1 because i was told that it was a better phone but the things i like about google i cant find on this phone i hope i didnt make a mistake.
  13. barryman9000

    barryman9000 Member

    I started using Automatic Task Killer, which is pretty nice. You select the apps you want "killed" when your phone enters sleep mode.

    Oh, and all the problems I was having with the Cliq were resolved... my first phone was defective so they got me a new one. I've had it for 3 weeks and have already noticed a HUGE difference.
  14. nlsuelo13

    nlsuelo13 Active Member

    what would be better to set the battery profile on smart mode and change the setting to time out after 15 min? or set it on battery saver mode?? Thanks!
  15. addong

    addong Member

    A good suggestion for everyonee running on 1.5 and 1.6 is to install the spare parts app. Once u do change the animation settings to "fast" it totally gets rid of the lag and gives u a few more options that the dev ripped straight out of the android source repository so you can actually even delete it once u change the settings and the settings will stay permanent. Gets rid of lag and uses noo memory!

    Also if ur into customizing ur phone GDE is amazing especially running it with spare parts. I like GDE the best out of them all like pandahome, freshface, home++ etc .. it just runs the cleanest and smoothest out of em all it seems. And u can dl differfent themes with skins like the htc hero or nexus one for example and a bunch more its pretty rad.. you can make ur cliq look like a nexus one home. It will also let u create more desktops with new different transitions like cube and stretch. They all have different perks like widets and settings check them all out if ur into customizing or want something new anf fresh for ur cliq!
    Yess.. it will work ur battery a lil more than the default desktop, but it wasn't anything detrimental to my cliq..

    -if u are really into customizing, try using handcent sms along w better keyboard. Handcent allows u to
    customize ur text app with tonss of new features like a pop up messenger and speech-to-text! And better keyboard gives u tons of themes and skins for ur soft keyboard.. it made me start using my soft keyboard again haha

    -taking off the social widgets is a good idea

    -And I enjoy the advance task killer its real straight forward and easy to use

    -Also as far as apps for customizing ringtones, I'm all for ringdroid check eet outt

    Down to answer any q's
  16. barryman9000

    barryman9000 Member

    Why you shouldn't be using a Task Killer with Android:

    Taken from : FAQ: Why You Shouldn’t Be Using a Task Killer with Android Geek For Me – Android CDMA Sprint Hero

    • Android is hard coded to automatically kill a task when more memory is needed.
    • Android is hard coded to automatically kill a task when it’s done doing what it needs to do.
    • Android is hard coded to automatically kill a task when you haven’t returned to it in a long time.
    • Most services (while possibly running in the background) use very little memory when not actively doing something.
    • A content provider is only doing something when there is a notification for it to give. Otherwise it uses very little memory.
    • Killing a process when it isn’t ready only causes it to have to reload itself and start from scratch when it’s needed again.
    • Because a task is likely running in the background for a reason, killing it will only cause it to re-spawn as soon as the activity that was using it looks for it again. And it will just have to start over again.
    • Killing certain processes can have undesirable side effects. Not receiving text messages, alarms not going off, and force closes just to name a few.
    • The only true way to prevent something from running at all on your phone would be to uninstall the .apk.
    • Most applications will exit themselves if you get out of it by hitting “back” until it closes rather than hitting the “home” button. But even with hitting home, Android will eventually kill it once it’s been in the background for a while.
  17. addong

    addong Member

    Agreed, I use it sparingly for certain apps only if u know which one's to ignore its not harmful
  18. keebs29

    keebs29 Active Member

    Where are you finding the GDE app? Everytime I do a search, i see one that looks like it for another country. IT is a paid app but NOT us dollars. I want this app really bad. :)
  19. addong

    addong Member

    I just searched gde in the market and it was the first one that pulled up, "GDE new home experience" it is paid but u can refund it within a day of purchase if u like another one more.
  20. keebs29

    keebs29 Active Member

    addong: In the market, GDE is in EURO. IS there a way to purchase it in UDS? :)
  21. addong

    addong Member

    Ya, ur Google account will automatically convert it to dollars. Its super fun to mess around with I'm changing my home constantly I'm so indecisive haha

    Def use it with Spare Parts too it really helps with any lag cupcake and donut users have..
  22. ccordell

    ccordell New Member

    Is anyone just coming out with an extended battery and door for the Motorola Cliq? I want to use the features that the phone is intended to have. Turning them on means the battery will not make it half a day. There are extended batteries for other phones and I can't find one anywhere for the cliq.

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