My Video Review of the Droid Shell/Holster Combo

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  1. Watashi

    Watashi Well-Known Member

    Thanks again, Hitman, I returned my Body Glove case and ordered my Shell/Holster.

  2. Nicks88

    Nicks88 Well-Known Member

    Way to bring in the 'straw man' fallacy! Sounds like someone has taken English in college. I had a chuckle. Now can we get back on track? I am excited to get this shell/holster. HiITMAN, you should write VZW and get a cut of these sales that you just did for them.
  3. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    I've seen this holster on the vz site, but never really got a good feel for it.

    Thanks hitman! I went and ordered one :)
  4. wbbgjr

    wbbgjr Active Member

    Well since this isn't a gun or history forum... Back on topic. It looks like a decent holster and shell combo. I actually was going to give up on the idea of a shell since they all seemed to have some kind of an issue, but I'm going to give this one a second look. Thanks for the video review.
  5. s-one

    s-one Well-Known Member

    Hey Hitman, can the case be used without the outer shell? Does the clip look sturdy enough for someone who jogs?

  6. gthrift

    gthrift Well-Known Member

    Please keep the posts on topic. This is a forum dedicated to android phones and a thread about a Case/Holster, not about guns or the OPs avatar. If you want to discuss guns further take it to The Lounge - Android Forums or
  7. The HITMAN

    The HITMAN Well-Known Member

    The case can be used without the holster if you just want to put the phone with case on in your pockets but the holster cannot be used without the shell casing (though Verizon does sell a holster ONLY variety).

    I do jogging and running and on my run tonight, the phone basically stayed clipped securely onto my belt using the Shell/Holster Combo. It didn't jiggle around barely at all. All this is just reaffirming what I've started to believe: This case is top notch and the ONLY downside to it is it won't fit in the multimedia charging dock/pod without removing it (but even that is so, so simply!).

    I'm very glad this video has enabled people to make a good, educated decision about buying this product. I, myself, am so glad I returned the Body Glove for this shellcase/holster combo. Just having the screen face INWARD while wearing it on a belt is a big PLUS in the safety book. I remember going into Manhattan last Saturday wearing the Droid on my belt using the Body Glove. Every 5 mintes I would readh over to feel if it was still there and to make sure the screen wasn't scratched or busted!
  8. s-one

    s-one Well-Known Member

    sweet! thanks much!
  9. Watashi

    Watashi Well-Known Member

    Although I don't have mine yet, I can forsee one problem. (probably a problem just for me.)

    I like to have the clip on my pocket not my belt, any clip I've ever had on my belt was always a two hand process to get it off. I like to be able to reach down with one hand grab the phone and set it on my seat. The reason for this is my phones always encroach on my belt buckle and I can't get get to the latch with the phone in the way.

    So problem I see, hard to keep on my belt (but maybe not...this is speculation) too heavy/bulky to keep on my pocket (giggle factor). So I may have to fight the belt clip everytime I want to drive.

    I guess it's ok though, I've made sacrifices so far and don't mind it one bit, I love my phone.
  10. n9zez

    n9zez Well-Known Member

    My store hasn't had these in stock yet and I like to "feel" the holster before I buy it. I have been looking for a review just like this. Now I can order it from VZW!!

  11. mcadam

    mcadam Well-Known Member

    Hitman.... what digital clock do you use on your homepage? I tried a couple out, but none look as good as the one you use.
  12. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Well-Known Member

    Do you mean the one that shows when his phone is in the media dock? You need an app called dockrunner for that unless you have the media dock.
  13. Nickles

    Nickles Member

    thank you. this was helpful for me, as i did NOT like the Body Glove case i bought. it added too much bulk and it was terribly difficult to remove..
    will be exchanging that for this holster/case combo..
  14. Attackcenter

    Attackcenter Member

    I posted the following questions to you on Youtube:

    Nice Review.

    1. How easy is it to take it out and put back in while it's on?

    2. Do you have a screen protector on the phone in this video. Do you need a screen protector with this case?

    3. Have you compared this case to the Droid Clear Case and the Droid Silicon Case? Which one restricts keyboard use more? Which one will protect your phone more?
  15. n9zez

    n9zez Well-Known Member

    Got it in the mail today. Anyone else have this problem?

    The case does not properly snap onto the bottom half of the phone at the corner where the volume buttons are located.
  16. oceanlight

    oceanlight Well-Known Member

    good review. :)

    question: can you tell me how much thickness the shell adds to the phone?

  17. krichek

    krichek Well-Known Member

    I clip mine on my pocket as well and it doesn't realld drag it down or anything, the clip itself is fairly long so it goes inside your pocket quite a ways. This probably helps in that the weight of the phone is not sitting right on the top of your pocket.
  18. krichek

    krichek Well-Known Member

    Yea, looking at the phone, upper right hand corner on the bottom piece it doesn't actually "snap" into place.
  19. T0LLPHR33

    T0LLPHR33 Well-Known Member

    great review video hitman...:D nice job...

    I got the body glove...its really easy for me to take apart if I want to charge it or mount it on the droid...doesn't seem as easy as this case...

    but the 1 thing I have done with my body glove...the tab that seems to make the droid slide out at a weird angle...what i did was removed it from the phone...taped (masked) off around the tab...used my dremel with a stone grinder and slowly tapered the tab till it was flush with the lines of the body more weird angle lift for me...

    but I think you have convinced me enough just from the video to get the new case...thanks for making me go out and spend more money...rofl
  20. merrill77

    merrill77 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the review! I had written off the hoster/cases because of the difficulty in removing to put in my (1) bedside dock, (2) car dock or (3) desk dock...which all happen on a frequent basis. I may reconsider.

    There's always a critic...if they don't offer anything constructive, let it slide. That said, there was a little awkwardness in the vid...and it was much longer than it needed to be. I've done a lot of product demo videos for our company website and my first was much worse, so if this is really your first, you're doing well. Until I had about 10 under my belt, they all needed _heavy_ editing to be presentable. I'd recommend some editing software so you can replace the awkward parts with retakes.
  21. Teezy

    Teezy Well-Known Member

    bought one of these the other day. Its pretty good. No problems yet. Just with you didnt have to take off the case to put it in the dock or car mount
  22. dinc44

    dinc44 Member

    How does this case work with the Car Dock and Multimedia Dock?

    I'm sorry if this was answered in the video, or somewhere in this thread, but I did not find the answer.

    I passed on this case in the store because I was told it would not work with the docks. I assumed you'd have to remove the back piece and/or the front piece.

    I had a lot of trouble removing the front piece in store, but the back seemed easier.

    If you remove the back piece and slide the keyboard out, does it fit in the MM Dock with the front piece still on? I'm thinking it would work.

    If you remove the back piece, will it fit in the Car Dock? This is especially important for me since a. I bought a Car Dock, and b. I use Google Nav everyday for work, and I love the dock. But I'm thinking it won't work.

  23. The HITMAN

    The HITMAN Well-Known Member

    You have to remove the backpiece yes.
  24. dinc44

    dinc44 Member

    I think I'm ok with removing the back piece, but the front piece was very difficult for me to get off.

  25. nicallen63

    nicallen63 Well-Known Member

    Just thought you guys would like to know, looks like you can get this case on eBay for about half the price.

    Shell/Holster Combo Case

    I bought this one but only cause the seller is in Florida and so am I. I figured it would get here faster. Ill let everyone know how legit the case is when i get it.

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