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  1. I publish new version of my app with name "My Vip Calls".
    App is free to download so try it.
    New version is compatible with 1.5 to 2.2 os and tested on several devices.


    Allow VIP numbers to contact you even if you're phone is in vibrate/silent mode so you want miss important calls.
    You can mark any number in your contact list as VIP as well as mark all unknown numbers as VIP

    Recent changes:
    Adjusted to work with 2.*

    Option "force ring". (try without checking it first first)
    Defining Vip numbers (instead of contacts).
    Check your VIP list after your update!
    Search contacts.
    Show Vip contacts.
    app2sd (app cant handle vip call if sd card isn't active, if you install it on card!)

    QR code

    check it on appbrain if you want:
    My VIP Calls - Android app on AppBrain


  2. Application made it to 3.01 version wit lots of imporvements.

    My Vip Calls - Android application


    Recieve your Vip calls. Anytime, anywhere.
    Allow VIP numbers to contact you even if you're phone is in vibrate/silent mode so you want miss important calls.
    You can mark any number in your contact list as VIP (ad to whitelist ).
    You can also mark all unknown numbers as VIP if you expecting some important call from unknown number.
    Works also with SMS messages enable/disable "SMS Notifications" checkbox as you wish.


  3. All applications about Olympics 2012.
    Find easily all Android apps you need about Olympic Games 2012.
    Find apps for news, results, schedules...
    Trivia and quizzes about Olympics.
    Android games - Olympics.
    Olympic wallpapers

    Traveling to London for Olympics?
    All applications for London city for London Olympics visitors.
    London 2012 will be a joy!
    Apps for London buses, tubes, nightlife, restaurants, culture...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    A good transport app for the games, is "Your Tube Summer Lite", its free, and returns predicted wait times before boarding trains during the games. Very handy, when you know that certain stations will require over 30mins wait time before actually getting a train. It's the only one of its kind (I think) on Android
  5. Hi ybensadoun,
    thanks for sugesting but we already detected both "Your Tube Summer Lite" and "Your Tube Summer" apps and those are in apps update and will be available in our app later this evening :)

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  7. Cameras US is free application that allow you to watch cameras from US (United States of America) (Cameras America or Cameras USA).
    ★ Application contains more than 15000 cameras (live images, webcams, CCTV) in first release !!!

    Cameras are grouped in 274 groups (states, cities, districts...) so you can find cameras you need fast despite large number of cameras.

    Some of the groups are California Los Angeles San Diego San Francisco, New York,Texas Houston San Antonio Dallas Austin, Illinois Chicago, New Jersey, Nevada Las Vegas, Washington Seattle, Connecticut, Washington DC, Pennsylvania Philadelphia,Arizona Phoenix, Colorado Denver, Utah Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Michigan Detroit, South Dakota, Florida Jacksonville Orlando, Wyoming, Virginia, Indiana Indianapolis, Tennessee Memphis Nashville, Georgia Atlanta, North Carolina, Raleigh, Ohio Columbus and many, many more US States and towns are supported.

    Cameras are mostly traffic but we have a lot of weather, beach, ski, panorama views and other types of cameras.
    You can search for a group (by state/city...) or for camera inside selected group (by place, street, description...)

    ✔ App have widgets for cameras, so you can place some of the cameras you use the most on your home screen.
    ✔ You can play/stop/change camera directly from your home screen.
    ✔ You can mark cameras as favorite for fast access when you need it later.
    ✔ You can take image from any of camera with share button. Image will be saved on your SD Card and you can share it with any app that can share images.
    ✔ You can choose between 5 color schemes (Menu->Colors)



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