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  1. baschess

    baschess New Member

    my wi-fi is working well, i couldn't able to connect with my BSNL brandband wireless modem. previously i would used to connect and browse via the modem.
    pl solve the problem

  2. mirunmanish

    mirunmanish New Member


    Please post the exact problem.. are you able to view the network? any security for the wireless? is it in PPPOE mode/bridge mode?

  3. sandeep174

    sandeep174 New Member

    plz solve wifi problem.
    i can't browse any sites in browser after connecting wifi.
  4. plg6667

    plg6667 New Member

    Wi.Fi is not working on My A60, I have manually configured the IP Address, netmask,Gateway, DNS1, DNS2 etc. but to no use. Kindly Help
  5. Uditkumar

    Uditkumar New Member

    i have the same problem on my micromax a60
    at first it was unable to connect to network
    bt later on was unable to scan the network

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