my wondermedia wm8650..drop kicking under a moving bus seems like a good ideaGeneral

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    ~ARGH~ that is all i can say right now :mad:. First i can tell you that i believe i have the WonderMedia WM8650 as going to settings>about device says under "model number: Wondermedia WM8650" the build is generic-eng 2.2 Froyo v1.2.0-20110613.173458 but other then that i cannot tell you if it is 3G, 7", 8" or 9" screen. The box that it came in is not much help, neither is the instruction manual. I have heard that this is supposed to have a 800Mhz processor and about 512mb ram. What i got i can assure you is no were near the 800Mhz band, and a read out on the device says i have 256mb ram with what is supposed to be 2gig internal (about 700mb free). I am assuming that is more for program space then it is for storage at this point. I have tried to flash the rom on it with what was posted here:
    Following first comment #20, which got the "UberDroid" boot screen. After 24hrs it was still there. However wanting to be brave i then downloaded the rom as in reply #17. This one would seem that the screen was split in half, and trying to do any gestures on it was not possible. Following the same thread and still not fearing i downloaded what i thought was the firmware for it...again i got the half screen deal. Next morning i went back to the dealer in town here and exchanged it.
    What i find odd is this model does have the app for 3G, ADSL, and Ethernet, but does not come with the u-disk (this is my second one, and still nothing in the box).
    The Usb cord i got that fit this droid was the same type for the iphone/ipod :confused:
    what i have found since using it:
    ~Wifi is good ONLY if you are sitting practically on top of a router, with a rooted Motorola xt300 (spice) phone, and Barnicle (ad-hoc) my tablet cannot find nor wants to look for my cell phone for a wifi connection, and when it does i get a quick message that says "ad-hoc not allowed"
    ~Following some web pages, i have seen (not sure on this) that if the tabet is rooted i would have under settings>applications a option called app2sd. Well i have said app but no SU app, and when i try to add one, it freezes the whole tablet
    ~with screen set to dim, turn off after 1min, not using wifi, maybe reading a book or *trying* to edit a document, the battery gets a whopping 30min
    ~the tabet *DOES* come with google chrome though it is called "my browser" which i can back up and reinstall on other android devices if i so choose (good to know)
    ~sound out of the built in speakers is so weak that even in a utterly quiet room you cannot hear a thing
    ~there is this really ugly and crappy lock screen going on, no way on changing it.

    So i am thinking of just chucking this under a moving bus and sucking up the fact i was a dunce and paid $160 (taxes in) for this tablet, but before i do i thought i would turn to the community to ask a few things (sorry for this being a long read): but seeing as i am not willing to flash the rom (EVER), am i in the right way of thinking that android mobile apps will work on the tablet? Can i change the launcher program (to say Launcher pro?), i have a screen protector on it right now, but i am seriously thinking on removing it (due to lack of finger touch response, stylus is fine, finger no), is there some way i can add/patch the no ad-hoc support? (which i tried to access WAP through Barnicle my phone said it was missing a ton of programs to allow it).....Overall i am starting to think that my adventure into the android world is not for the best and maybe just dropping it all and going back to :eek: apple products?
    any help/ideas/thoughts would be great

  2. wolficestorm

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    :confused: Contacted the company this morning and after epic fails again and again with trying to log onto my router then going to a hotspot, they said i could exchange it for a 7" model called a updad, where i was told the wifi was alot stronger. I have a feeling personally, someone had fooled with the programming, as the model i am bringing back (AGAIN) had a loose casing that i snapped back into place.
    :mad: Not sure why mine was doing that kind of weird stuff when everyone esle's was working fine......though if anyone is interested on the new one i am getting i will make sure to write a review in my blog and add the link here. For those that read this, thanks for the read, and thinking of ways to help.

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