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My work wifi changes my locationSupport

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  1. wags1992

    wags1992 Well-Known Member

    When I go to work I connect to their wifi, when I do this it changes my location on my maps and weather bug. says I am in a different state. I thought there was an app to fix this but I cannot find it. Any help would be great.

  2. scuttlefield

    scuttlefield New Member

    Did you ever resolve this? I'm having the same issues with my work wifi.
  3. coolpoete

    coolpoete Well-Known Member

    Not sure what could be causing this. I would try wiping cache, preferably back up your data and wipe data as well. Hopefully that will clear out some settings and allow it to re-align. Does it happen only at work or have you had this problem at other wifi spots?
  4. Scur

    Scur Well-Known Member

    What does your location show up as when you go to a "my ip info" type web site? And does fiddling with your location info settings in Settings > Location & Security make any difference?

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