my x10 won't charge!!!!!!Support

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  1. grounded

    grounded New Member


    I have the same problem. One question: are your phones rooted ? Before I rooted mine, everything was OK. When I rooted, it charges up to 88% and then stops.

    After the rooting, I have installed the same apps as I used before.

    Maybe it is something wrong with the soft ?

  2. grounded

    grounded New Member

    Guys, this is what I did.

    After rooting my phone, I was using a BatteryLife app. Everything looked fine for about a week, but today my phone charged up to 88% and all of a sudden stopped.

    Have removed the battery and the memory card, but this didn't help.

    Then I connected my phone to the PC (thought I will update it via SE) and noticed that it started charging again.

    When the deault icon at the top right of the phone screen was showing, that the phone is fully charged, the BatteryLife app showed, that it is charged only up to 90%.

    Have removed the app, browsed the internet, listened to music, used the navigation, etc. etc. In other words, did everything, so I can charge my phone again.

    When I finally plugged in the charger (didn't connect it to PC), it was charging as normal.

    Please, try this, maybe for some of you it will work as well :)
  3. sparkdroid

    sparkdroid Well-Known Member

    I haven't had any of the issues where the phone will not charge to 100%. But I have had an issue where the phone is used until completely dead. So dead that it won't charge the battery.

    When you plug the charger in, or try to power it up, the LED blinks quickly in multiples of 3. I got the batteries to successfully charge by removing them from the phone. Plugging the phone into a charger for 5 min and then inserting the battery while the charger is still plugged in.

    This has worked for me with 2 different batteries.

  4. cornesy87

    cornesy87 New Member

    You're a star buddy I put the phone in flight mode switched off the phone and then took out the battery, left it out for a few seconds then put it back in when the charger was still in and it has gone all the way back up (Battery life). Thanks alot

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  5. Priincess89

    Priincess89 New Member

    im losing my mind with the x10i!!
    im currently on my 4th and the same problem yet again!!
    got a brand new one yesterday and it wont charge past 15%. doesnt matter what i try i just cannot get it to charge any more then that. iv tried a new battery but thats just doing the same thing. major stress as vodafone wont give me a new make or model and just keep replacing it! surely its at more cost to them to do that and would be cheaper just to give me a working phone?
  6. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    Hey Princess, so have they all done the same thing... not taking charge? Assume you have changed the plug and usb lead involved not just the handsets? Are you you with Voda UK or another location in the world?
  7. cwepruk

    cwepruk Well-Known Member

    Mine is very odd. I've went from 30% to full charge in about 90 minutes and sometimes, overnight, I don't get to 100%.
  8. mattyd2009

    mattyd2009 New Member

    To all, there is a fault on the sony xperia x10 where in time u wont be able to charge phone via mains nor usb.
    You need to contact sony themselves who will if your in uk and the phone is in warrenty will repair the phone for free.
    The process takes bout 5 days from posting and recieving your phone back.
    The fault is with the charging base and wont let u connect to a pc.
    Mind done this and i contacted sony who are aware of this and will repair it by changing the mother board on the phone.
    had no problems after this and came back with a new iemi number and fully updated to the new version 2.1.

    Your service profider cant do anything except give u another phone over and over but sending it to sony it will solve the problem.
    hope this helps you all.
    One last thing ive seen people saying bout buy a new battery or charger and usb lead. these are not the problem its the phone dont waste your money on new chargers or usb leads as like i said there not the problem the problem is direct to the phone.
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  9. mattyd2009

    mattyd2009 New Member

    contact sony e. they will fix the phone for you, your service provider cant do anything except change your phone. the problem lays within the phone which sony are aware of. the process takes bout 5 days from sending and reciveing you phone back updated and new mother board.
  10. Shazzz

    Shazzz New Member

    I've had my X10 for about 3 months, it was working fine until recently the chargers not worked straight away, but usually after trying it for a while it eventually works but just has to stay at a specific angle. However now it wont recognise the charger at all , the red light just flashes at the top & the usb computer connection isnt working either ? what to do?
  11. Metaz

    Metaz Member

    Exactly what happened to mine ^

    I took it down my local market and gave i to the guy at a phone repair stall lol, got it sorted for me in a couple weeks.
  12. xx_raj_xx

    xx_raj_xx Well-Known Member

    mine is back in again for the same problem for third time.. next time it happens, will try the sony e approach........
  13. JohnieK84

    JohnieK84 Member

    Well folks, after reading this entire forum on saturday which is when mine was not charging, I decided to nip the problem in the bud right away & take mine back to T-mobile as it's only a couple of month old and still under warranty (insured also).

    Explained to the woman the problem and said I had been on this forum and I'm not the only one experiencing the problem.
    Problem was dealt with and X10 is now on it's way to SE for repair, I was given a replacement nokia something, it rings (wow) and lets me use my contract minutes so thats fine.

    I will however keep you all posted on what happens and when I recieve the phone back. Missing my internet radio and web browsing on the move already :(
  14. john cl

    john cl New Member

    Hi all had same problem with battery was told to place battery on a warm radiator resets memory... worked for me good luck all
  15. bomber1

    bomber1 New Member

    took my x10 back to o2 shop for not charging, they sent it off for repair have just got it back un-repaired, I have been told it is beyond repair due to spillage/ water damage. my phone has never been had any spillage/water near it, please tell me what my rights are i am on contract.
  16. CuBz

    CuBz Well-Known Member

    This seems to be a very common problem with the X10. When I first got mine, it stopped charging after a few days, and wouldn't charge. So I got a new one. Now I think it's about to go again as the USB seems very loose
  17. xx_raj_xx

    xx_raj_xx Well-Known Member

    mine just came back, VF said they sent mine on to SE, who couldn't repair it either and replaced my phone, so on my third X10 within a year, hopefully the build quality on the new ARC will be better
  18. CuBz

    CuBz Well-Known Member

    How long did it take, from the day you send it, to the day you received the new one?
  19. xx_raj_xx

    xx_raj_xx Well-Known Member

    this time around, due to the bank hols over x-mas and new year.. it took them nearly 3 weeks from me dropping the phone off....sending to SE added a few extra days.. last time around is was about a week.
  20. websnoop

    websnoop Member

    30 squid to get my no charging muffa f**ing x10 fixed with 3, son of my bi*ch....
    three different reasons to what needed fixing, they got no idea. Anyways got me baby back, when working it’s a top dog fone….when not its poo...... just like 3 say I.
  21. JohnieK84

    JohnieK84 Member

    Picking mine up today after 2 weeks and a couple of days, it's ready to be picked up from T-Mobile, and thanks to your little posts here I was looking forward to it but now I'm dreading the thought of it still being malfunctioned and I don't really want to go to HTC and especially iphone, but when shit hits the fan i guess i'll have to. the new SE arch seems okay wonder if they have solved the charge problem on that model before releasing it in a months time though.
  22. JohnieK84

    JohnieK84 Member

    Ok, had the phone for a few days now.
    Needed a good charge when I got it (obviously) and took much longer than before (about double the time) to charge up fully to 100%.
    It seems to take longer to recharge but this is a very good thing because it seems to be either putting more power into the battery or managing the power from the battery better because it can go more than a single day from a 100% charge, (lasted 2 days from a single charge), which is increadable considering before it would constantly require recharging.

    It's taken 2 weeks to come back from SE, but it's been worth the wait and now my phone is back to form knocking out the silly iphone :cool:
  23. maria26

    maria26 New Member

    i'm having the same probs as all of u guys ive had my phone for 4 months and then today was the first time i plugged it in the computer to update it and and went through the steps to back it up then had to stop to charge the phone to 50% it said and so i put it on charge and it just wouldn't charge... Also can someone plz tell me i didn't get insurance on the phone it's on a plan with optus ( i live in Australia ) so can i still take it bak to the shop is it under warranty even if i don't have insurance
    thanx guys :eek: :eek: :eek:
  24. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    First of all are you using the original lead and charger as they are really picky phones over what they will take a charge from. Does the PC recognise the phone and can you charge it via the PC at all.

    You could take it back to the shop to try a couple of things and then get them to repair it under warranty, as long as you still reside in the country of original purchase and have your receipt and have made no modificaitons to your phone, your warranty should be valid.

    But at the shop I would also get them to try your phone with their charging unit and usb and possible try their battery from the display model in your phone. What you want to narrow it down to is the point of failure so from the wall working towards the phone... charging plug.... then usb lead... then usb socket... then battery. Obviously if it is one of the removable items that makes it a bit easier to resolve, if it is the usb socket then it will have to go back to be repaired.
  25. aaluki

    aaluki New Member

    Mine different issue

    1. USB can charging
    2. Plug in cant charging

    Any one have the same issue and how to solve?

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