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my xperia x10i problemGeneral

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  1. omorsharif

    omorsharif New Member

    In the last 5 months I've been using xperia x10i. Yesterday i start camera and record video,then i see preview it.and i stop camera,second time when i start camera on this mobile phone the mobile messaged "camera not found" . I thought the phone to restart, after restart the phone-at first "sony ericsson" on the screen and then "camera>>> phone" (that is, a camera logo coming and then another arrow pointing toward the phone), and then come again "sony ericsson" written on the screen,and screen light all time on and phone does'nt start, what is the solution to there?

    nb:-the phone connect well on pc.and pc find phone without any problem,
    i update software but not solve this problem

  2. personinneed

    personinneed Well-Known Member

    Are u still on android 1.6? If not update to 2.1

    Contact Sony,they'll fix it
  3. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    Update using SEUS from Sony.

    Download and install this - Xperia? X10 - Update Service - Downloads - Mobile phones - Support - Sony Ericsson

    And then repair/reflash phone.

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