MyGica Enjoy TV ATV1000 resolution problem!

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  1. gangstaf

    gangstaf New Member

    Hello everybody,

    Im new here and Im having a problem with my brand new Enjoy TV ATV1000. I've connected the device to my monitor (Samsung 21") and i didnt like the resolution, so I've tried to change it through display settings. By mistake I choose 1080p and now I have no image to my monitor, just a osd message says "not supported resolution". Is there any way to factory reset my device so I get factory settings and eventually a supported resolution? Thanks!!

  2. szunti

    szunti Member

    oh i saw it was resolved /edited/
  3. Dave Munro

    Dave Munro New Member

    Hi, I plugged mine in for the first time. No HDMI input on tv so using the comp. vid. cables. Samsung tv says "not supported". How did you resolve the problem ? I tried all TV resolutions available.

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