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  1. niagara94

    niagara94 New Member

    Hi - I hope that someone can help me. I have a Asus Transformer Pad and it comes with MyLibrary preinstalled. I am using it to organize my e-books into folders as well as to note which books are 1st, 2nd, etc in a series. I took me hours and hours to do this so what I want to do is to back up what I've done in case something goes wrong and I have to restore the tablet. However, I can't find where the MyLibrary files are located in the file manager software and MyLibrary isn't located among the apps available for backup in App Backup. Does anyone know how I can back this up? Any help will be *greatly* appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Gaytan

    Gaytan Member

    Have you found them back in the meantime?

    There must be a library / folder 'ebooks' somewhere.
    Just take the title of one of your books in mind and search back the title in the folders... You only have to do that once in order to find them...
  3. niagara94

    niagara94 New Member

    Hi - Thank you for your reply. Someone on another forum informed me that the location of the files I'm looking for is in the root that is normally not visible. I know where the books themselves are located (they are in the Kindle directory) but what I want to back up is the sorting and extra notes I've added. Thanks again.
  4. wolong

    wolong Member

    The "MyLibrary" app on my ASUS tablet shows a lot of "untitled" items that appear to be individual pages from a newspaper I downloaded. I'd like to get rid of these files but can't find them using my file manager app. I can delete them one at time from the MyLibrary list, but don't know if that actually deletes the files from storage. How do I find the directory these "untitled" files are in?

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