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myLock Auto Unlock for eclair+: Deactivate the lock screen- damn well.

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  1. Terpsicore

    Terpsicore New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 9, 2010
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    Mylock does one thing- but it does it damn well.

    I love the new 2.1 slide to unlock. I never butt dial or chin mute and I look as cool as an iPhone owner when I grab my phone.

    Unfortunately it does make pausing a song or podcast into a three step process; power, slide, pause. And not one, two, three. It?s one, twooooo, three.

    Mylock removes step two. Activate Mylock using the widget before hitting play. Then when the boss walks over, two quick buttons saves your place before the he can say his first word. Two more steps turns the music back on.

    The Mylock widget only runs in the background while activated. The app is free, 164kb, and a must have. [​IMG]


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