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  1. oleandere

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    I just downloaded myphoneexplorer. I recall reading that I have to be careful how I set the settings, if I want the program not to destroy any of my Outlook functionality.

    Any tips?

    I have Outlook 2003 and a Samsung Fascinate 2.2.2


  2. dvhttn

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    File > Settings > Sync > [Contacts and Calendar] > "choose which way you want to sync"

    File > Settings > Sync > Contacts > Exceptions > "Add new contacts only if they contain a number" - catches a few people who wonder why some contacts (with no phone numbers) don't get synced.

    In Outlook, make a sub-folder underneath the main contacts folder and keep a copy of your 'Contacts' in that - and don't sync it. That way if there is any issue you have a copy and don't have to do any tedious backup recovery. And you do have a backup schedule don't you?????

    Visit the English speaking forum at ..... FJ Software :: Forum anzeigen - English section ... for advice/help - don't forget the "search" function there ....

    First sync: download Outlook to phone - and make sure your time/timezone etc are correct on both your PC and phone first.

    If a new phone and you haven't used the calendar yet use the phone to 'add' a dummy event before syncing. There was an Android issue that meant that you had to do this or no syncing would take place. It could well have been fixed by now though.

    And sync over wifi, much less hassle. Set MPE up on the phone to come on automatically when your home wifi is connected.


  3. spile

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    Settings > Advanced 1 > Use X to minimise...

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