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  1. bassilli

    bassilli New Member


    This is my first post here.

    I've just launched an application called "myPocketProf" - its basically an application that helps anyone studying to load their study notes on our database and view them in a very organised and hierarchical manner on their phone. Coupled with this, we've included past exam papers, and this is growing.

    I started to develop this after I realised how much time people can lose when installing applications that only seem to change the settings of other applications; and I felt really bad for students who may not have time to spare during their exam periods. I would honestly hope that they can make use of this application before their exams - but what can I do to advertise this application?

    I would just like to ask a few things:

    a) Would the ideal place to host this be under "Reference" or "Lifestyle"?
    b) If I change between both, would that add it in two places? or one?
    c) How would users get a chance to even see this app if 100's of other apps are being added everyday?
    d) Is Google going to create more software directories for more specific applications like ours? Is there a plan for this, or are they going to keep their current structure?

    The software is still in Beta release and is FREE; however, we haven't heard any feedback (well, negative feedback) from anyone, and we really need users to comment. Is there a way to "force them" to actually give feedback when installing an application?

    Thanks for any advice you can share.

    Also, if you have downloaded it, your feedback would be invaluable!

  2. bassilli

    bassilli New Member

    Gosh.. Well, I never thought of it like that.

    If ever anyone has had a chance to see the app, please do post a comment, or email me with your feedback. I would really appreciate that.

    * How was your user experience?
    * What features were you interested in?
    * Performance? any issues?

    Having said that, the app will increment a version this week, and we're going to be implmenting a lot of new features and gizmos to it, as well ironing out a few bugs.

    All the best to you all,

  3. kizer

    kizer Active Member

    The Where app has a user feature called Feedback that I use all the time. When I see something in the app I don't like or something I do like I often send the author a message. I really wish most apps would use it. Worst case create a Gmail account that you check one a day or a week and allow users to send you messages from your apps because you will get the best feedback when the user is using the app.

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