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  1. shehryar85

    shehryar85 Member

    hi everyone.

    out of the blue yesterday, my galaxy nexus started acting up. first the stock play music app became very lagged, and would also not respond when the phone was locked. however when I unlock it after a considerable delay the app will start responding.

    now just everything is slow, phone is over heating, and is sluggish with network connections.

    any options other than a factory reset? is it a possible virus?

    phone is locked to Fido in Canada and I'm running 4.1.1

    thanks in advance.

  2. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    have you installed any new apps lately? Maybe around the time it started giving you problems?
  3. shehryar85

    shehryar85 Member

    yeah, a voice recorder app, which i've subsequently uninstalled.
  4. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Well-Known Member

    Which one? did it come from the official play store or somewhere else?

    Try googling the name.

    did it actually uninstall? if you back into apps is it still there? (some naasty ones are tough to remove)

    are you rooted? (doesn't sound like it but is so it opens up other options for fixes)
  5. shehryar85

    shehryar85 Member

    Yup, from the play store, it was called Easy Voice Recorder and had 5000+ 5 star reviews out of 8000.

    Anyway, the issue got really bad, nothing was working really. I decided to back things up, but even downloading apps from the play store to back up my data was problematic, things would download and then just not install, it would take repeated attempts to get anything done. i just took the hit and did a reset after backing up as much as I could (even then, the phone wouldn't reset the first couple of times, i had to keep turning the phone on and off before it finally did it one time).

    The reset seems to have solved the problem for now, but my issue is what caused it. Is it my battery? It drained from 50% to dead in about 45 minutes, or was it a software glitch that was causing the battery to overheat?
  6. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    There's no real way to tell what was causing the issue, although it sounds like a poorly written app could of been the culprit. If it were me, I would refrain from installing any 3rd party apps for a while and keep a close eye on the battery temp. Lots of apps at Google Play for battery temps.

    I also recommend Watchdog Lite. Run it at the default settings. It will sit quietly in the background until an app misbehaves, then it will let you know if an app is eating too much of the phones resources (this can cause overheating and other odd behavior, too) and it'll give you an option to kill the offending app. This is good also in that you will know what app is bad so you can make a report to its developer.
  7. shehryar85

    shehryar85 Member

    thanks Petrah, will try that. I'm starting to suspect it's a battery issue, simply because the phone was working fine after the reset till the battery level got below 50%, after which it started acting up and again died shortly after that.

    Some different symptoms popped up as well, (again when battery went below 50%) as the time wasn't updating on the home screen, although it showed the correct time on the lock screen or when i ran the stock clock app. So strange.

    edit: Update: Things are deteriorating again. I've installed the Watchdog Lite app. Will give it another day, otherwise I think the warranty is still valid (i dropped it a few months ago and put a small crack in the screen which the Fido people say may void the warranty...hope not).
  8. shehryar85

    shehryar85 Member

    Sorry folks I'm a dunce. It's not the battery that's getting hot, it's the the top of the phone where I assume the processor is. So when you open up the back, the opposite side of where the sim card goes/other side of the camera.
  9. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    Something is running the processor in the background. Possibly a "stuck" sync. I've had that before. Watchdog may help you identify or you may need a battery monitor to tell you what's running. I recommend better battery stats.

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