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mystery rectangular pop up on home screenSupport

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  1. Squashy

    Squashy New Member

    When I return to the home screen a little (1cm * 4cm) semi transparent black rectangle pops up at the bottom of the home screen. My one has the letters "mai" written on it in white. That may be something I've typed in accidently but I don't know when or how I did it.

    Has anyone any ideas what the mystery rectangle is?

    I'm running a T-mobile G2 touch which I've had for a couple of weeks. I haven't rooted it or anything.
    Further looking around suggested that I try turning it off and starting up again - doh! It seems to have cleared the problem - don't know how long for though.

  2. snapier

    snapier New Member

    I'm having the same problem, but with different letters,"uho".
  3. melissadroids

    melissadroids New Member

    This happened to me as well. I noticed that if I pressed up on the volume and held it down the screen changed to the keyboard then I pressed on the volume again and it moved down to the bottom with only a small part of it showing. When I try to text someone now my keyboard doesn't appear unless I press up on the volume and the predictable text is gone now! My keyboard doesn't work well anymore either.
    Also when I turned off addressability it goes away completely but then so does my keyboard. Someone please test their accessibility options it has something to do with the kick back options. Let me know if there is a fix for this or if my settings need to be changed?
  4. melissadroids

    melissadroids New Member

    OMG! I fixed it!!
    Solution: Press up on the volume until you see the strange screen change to keyboard screen. Then on the keyboard screen look by the space bar on the left for the settings button. Press settings button and change it from Talkback keyboard to Android keyboard.


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