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  1. tommart

    tommart Member

    After playing Robo Defense for over one year, I welcomed the added features in Myth Defense. The main strategies pertain to both games. You want your strongest towers to be in flight paths and the enemy ground troups to pass by strong towers at least twice. Also, place most of the slowing towers in the flight path.
    Make sure you understand how to enhance the power of the towers with runes. I played a couple weeks before I understood how to do it. I used a variety of runes, but if I played from start again, I’d probably only use the Damage, Royal, and Frost runes. Right now, I only use Royal and Frost (Slowing) Runes.
    The Flash Tower is very important. I create one early (around wave 100) only about 3-4 squares from the entry point(s) and surround it with very powerful towers. Right now, I create 5 Flash Towers—one every 3-4 rows—directly in the flight path. I’d rather have two Flash Towers than one Ruby Tower. Late in the game, I’ll create additional Flash Towers not in the flight path.
    Don’t advance too fast in regards to level. You get more points for finishing Level 10 with 30 lives, than Level 15 with 10 lives. I know you get less runes, but the Level 10 game can often be played much faster so in the long run, you can also earn more runes at the easier level.
    I fought battles to build my strength, and then campaigned at levels it was easy to win. As soon as a campaign became difficult, I switched over to Battles. However, there were some difficult campaign scenes that I just completed and didn’t concern myself with points. I have now finished the campaign.
    Use Elfin Lightning as a last resort. They are the only obstacles that effect flying enemy. Since they don’t work all the time, when I add Elfin Lightning near the end of the game, I add three in a line. Now, I rarely use the Elfin obstacles, but there was a time I needed them.
    Use mines as the next to last resort. They are expensive to kill a single enemy. But in mid-game use as many mines as it takes to kill the enemy.
    Use traps sparingly as well especially when they only last 4-5 troops. It’s better to spend 100 on a tower that lasts the whole game, than 100 on traps that disappear after a little use. I try to use all obstacles near the exit point. However, at level 31-33, I use one or two traps early in the game to slow enemies while I gain strength. And for the last wave be prepared to build 10-25 traps to slow the final rush—even if you need to sell a ruby tower somewhere.
    I have two sections where I use fire, and one section (6 towers) where I use electricity. These sections are not in the flight path.
    Have fun. I have a ranking just over 100. I'm DrTom.

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  2. tommart

    tommart Member

    After 5-10 attempts, I finally beat Level 33 without losing a life. My score exceeded 16 million. I would have done it earlier if I would have paid greater attention while I was playing. I usually won with 22-28 lives remaining.

    It took about two hours to win the level 33 game with no lives lost.

    I then discovered that there is no level 34 or greater. I was going to see if I could win at level 40.

    With no goals other than just racking up points, I'm beginning to lose interest.

    I'm about 100 games short of reaching the 500 games won extra 3% bonus. Taking two hours to win a level 33 game, it will take me a while to win 100 more games. I played about 5 games at level 1-5 which only took minutes to win each -- but that got boring and felt unfair. At level 1 I only needed to add 6 or 7 towers and upgrade a couple.
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  3. tommart

    tommart Member

    I now only play about two games/week. My ranking is slipping.

    So over the past week, I played four level 30 games. Three I finished without losing a life, but one game I lost about 3 lives and only earned about one-half the normal points.

    On May 9, I had: GP ranking: 148 Points: 1,160,586
    On May 16: GP ranking: 147 Points: 1,221,896

    On May 9: Millionaire Club ranking: 124 Points: 6,868,928
    On May 16: Club ranking: 120 Points: 7,043,423

    Clearly, after reaching a ranking under 200, one needs to play well over four games/week to significantly improve your ranking.

    I think my best ranking was 105. I do not expect to ever reach that level again.

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  4. tommart

    tommart Member

    On July 11, 2012, I had a 107 ranking in Glory Rate (1,619,549) and 83 ranking in the Millionaire Club (8,286,292). I had successfully defended about 480 games. I then bought a new phone and could not determine how to carry over my scores to the new phone. So I started again.

    As of December 17, 2012, I have a 48 ranking in Glory Rate (2,850,128) and 81 ranking in the Millionaire Club (9,245,747). I have defended 393 games.
    I was able to win at Level 33 the first time at game 316. This was about 100 games earlier than the first time. And now my Glory Rate Ranking was better than my Millionaire ranking. But I still learned while I was playing the second time.

    The first time, I could win consistently at L31, but L33 was a challenge. Now I can win with a perfect score every time at L33 – if I pay attention. Before I needed a lot of traps at both the beginning of the game, and at the end. At times I still need traps, but in most L33 games I don’t use any traps.

    My biggest change was to only use a single row of defenders. I previously used two rows. So with the main screen, I force the enemy to travel on the top row to the left side. The second row is almost all defenders, except I must have an island of defenders in the upper right corner to fill in space. From there, the even rows are defenders, and the paths are the odd rows.
    This forces the enemy to pass every defender twice. And each Ruby Tower actually fires on 4 paths. In other words, an enemy is under attack from a single Ruby Tower four times. Using two rows of defenders, each enemy was under attack of a single Ruby Tower only three times.

    If I were able to keep my points from my first phone, I would be ranked about 25 in both categories. So it is feasible to get in the top 20. After that the scores are impossible to obtain normally. Someone must know a cheat or create a subrountine that runs day and night.

    Enjoyed playing the second time. Now it’s time to look for something else to play.

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  5. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    I have been following this thread since you started it, and still have not tried the game. When you first posted I was still playing 2-5 games of Robo defense a day, and did not see how I could fit a new game in my schedule.

    I was so involved I had designed a spreadsheet to print and create maps to test, even going so far as to break the map down to three parts, the first 25 waves, 26-79, and 80-100. Now I only play 1-3 games every 60-90 days. And I am slowly climbing to difficulty 10,000 (only in the 7k area so far, more time constraints than anything else).

    My biggest complaint (and worse since I played other defense games before I ever heard of Robo defense that already had this feature) was the inability to assign tasks to the towers. Examples: target strongest, target weakest, target closest, target slowed, target not slowed, target closest to the exit, target flying first, target ground first, target most damaged, target least damaged. Not all of those were options in the previous games I played, I customized it to fit RD.

    Your recent post has reminded me about this game and will now spend endless hours on it over the holidays, thank you.
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  6. tommart

    tommart Member

    I loved Robo Defense when I played it. If you like it, keep playing. I would not play both at the same time, unless you just want to "test" Myth Defense.

    As for me, I think it's time to play another game.

    Tommart aka DrTom
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  7. GrauGeist

    GrauGeist Member

    Interestingly, this X-mas, Myth was on sale so I got it. Very solid game, and I stopped playing Robo Defense.
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  8. GrauGeist

    GrauGeist Member

    A week later, and I've maxxed out all of the upgrades, just need to work on a few achievements: Level 30, Millionnaire & General.

    Update, a month later, and the only thing left is 500 wins!
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  9. hildseller

    hildseller Member

    yeah,nd at the end. At times I still need traps, but in most L33 games I don’t use any traps.[​IMG]
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  10. GrauGeist

    GrauGeist Member

    While I don't need traps for a perfect game at Level 33, I find myself with a *lot* of extra gold that just doesn't get used. I spend it on traps simply to have something to do while the game finishes.

    MDLF 33 - 20130326.jpg

    BTW, if you have questions on my layout, I'm OK to share.
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  11. GrauGeist

    GrauGeist Member

    A few more Level 33 games under my belt, and I now have a start that stays at 30 lives more consistently, with a little more margin on the timing of builds and upgrades.

    Attached Files:

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  12. GrauGeist

    GrauGeist Member

    @OP - I'm now on the same ranking page (200-225) as you. Just FYI :)

    Hmm... I see my post has gotten you playing again.
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  13. tommart

    tommart Member

    Maybe I need to get a life. I
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  14. GrauGeist

    GrauGeist Member

    Welcome back!

    BTW, what do you think of my map?

    I'm currently ranked around 100.
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  15. tommart

    tommart Member

    I suspect that after one has over 50 Royal Runes, it doesn't matter what Map one creates.

    Your Map is very different from mine. I create far more Ruby Towers and far less obstacles. In addition, I make the enemy run horizontal. I have no long vertical runs.

    I tried using vertical runs when I was learning the game, but I believe it's important to run the enemy past each tower twice ASAP. You do that with your Map in the first two top rows, but I continue with additional horizontal rows. In fact, Ruby Towers can reach four paths. So Ruby Towers in the third row from the top reach paths 1, 2, 3, and 4.

    It also speeds up the game when most rows contain Ruby Towers with Royal Runes.

    For the longest time, I used about 6 or 7 obstacles at the bottom of the Map for safety, and 95% of the time, no enemy reached the obstacles. But now I stop creating rows after row 6 or 7, and fill up the last two paths with obstacles. When I do this, I do not need to add a tower, upgrade a tower, or add an obstacles after about wave 460. Once I was able to complete a perfect defense without adding or upgrading about wave 430.

    I'll post my Map when I create the jpg.

    I'll also see what I can learn from your Map.

    (Currently 22 and 23 in the Glory and Millionaire Rankings)
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  16. GrauGeist

    GrauGeist Member

    Hi Tom, thanks for the comments. Having loads of Royal (and Shock) Runes definitely helps!

    I find that the two rows of Rubies are enough, as each Ruby hits the two middle rows and the two topmost / bottommost rows. I use the initial vertical runs to thin things out and feed the horizontal runs.

    I speed up the game by simply killing most stuff right out of the gate - most dies before it even reaches the topmost row. The shock / flash / heavy catapult towers pin enemies in place, where they just die.

    The lightning is because I like the animation. Haha.

    The center row of slowdown is anti-flier - the multi-shock stops dragons dead in their tracks. With continuous slowdown / shock, the two rows of Rubies are very effective.

    As noted the trap obstacles are for show, as is the entire bottom zigzag. For a while, I was putting down traps as insurance against losing. Now, I just let the money pile up starting around wave 500.

    I'm currently ranked 90-ish, and very curious to see your map.
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  17. tommart

    tommart Member

    I have attached a Complete MAP. I did not add any towers, upgrades, or obstacles afterwards. I also show the final outcome. It was a perfect defense at Level 33 without doing anything after about wave 500.

    Note that all rubes are Royal.

    I had final cash of about 33,300. Once I had final cash of about 37,000. With this I stopped building about wave 470, but needed to kill a couple enemy who got through the map with explosives.

    Attached Files:

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  18. GrauGeist

    GrauGeist Member

    Tom, thanks for sharing your map.

    It's amazing how differently you play it. You go for a lot more heavy damage, whereas I go for shock. Interesting that we both use the same total number of Rubies.
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  19. vietthuong

    vietthuong Member

    Thanks for share. I like yours MAPs....
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  23. vietthuong

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  24. MDpro

    MDpro New Member

    Hello Guy (girls?),
    I am MD Pro, currently ranked 6th in MDLF. I am playing since arround 2 and a half years now and I can assure you I didn't cheat to reach that level, just play several games per week. Thanks for sharing your maps, I'll share mines if you are interested.

    I have some questions regarding MD:
    - seems there is a bug in the counting of points. The bonus % is not correctly calculated I think.
    - when I have a look at my score through the game I am ranked 10th, and if I go to the web site I am ranked 6th.

    I am considering creating a web site dedicated to MDLF.

    Looking forward to read your answers and comments.

    MD Pro
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