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myTouch 1.2v Error "Please Insert an SD card before using the camera"

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  1. ruggrock

    ruggrock Member

    So, I called T-Mobile this morning, and they asked me to reinsert the SD card and call back when the problem happens again - idiots! So, I had to get grumpy, which I hate to do, and tell them that was a stupid idea and rattled off the reference number that Jsourp has shared with everyone (THANKS!) and the support newbie reluctantly looked it up and sheepishly said it's a 'known issue' and that they don't have a fix for it - again, idiots! He offered to walk me through a hard reset - and that's where I chose not to waste any more of my time. I then called HTC and told them about the problem and the lady there quickly knew what I was talking about and would be happy to replace my 8g card...if they had any. I asked her to confirm if their thinking is that they sent out a bad batch of SD cards, at which she chuckled (as if to indirectly reply, "correct") and then gave me the company line that all she could tell me was that they will happily replace the card when they get new ones in next week; and that I'll have to call back then. So, I told her, "I just want to make sure...will a new SD card fix the problem, is that the fix?" And she emphatically said that it was.

    So, my guess is that it is a bad batch of SD cards. It seems some people are having success with third-party Class 2 cards, but I'd feel much better with a class 4 or 6.

    Have great weekend everyone! And thanks for all the help! :)

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  2. JSourp

    JSourp Member

    When you call T-Mobile tell them the problem you are having is reference number: CCKB62971. THIS IS A KNOWN PROBLEM, yet they are passing it off on HTC. They will then refer you to HTC at (888)716-3594. Have your serial number ready (on back on battery). Let HTC know that you need to replace a defective SD Card and they will ship one too you, and you will be required to send them the defective one. I have done this and have been waiting for about two weeks now with no new SDHC card, chances are it will be another class2 and still will not work as well. This is why I already bought a class6, it has been working great. I blame T-Mobile and HTC for this problem.
  3. ruggrock

    ruggrock Member

    Today's update is nothing spectacular...just the latest in this long wait... HTC still doesn't have the replacement cards in yet. The rep this time did officially confirm that they're thinking it was a bad batch of sd cards. Nobody would officially say that for the past week. I hope they're correct. And that's probably why Jsourp is still waiting for his replacement...lame. :(
  4. sushiandcurlyfries

    sushiandcurlyfries New Member

    I just got my MyTouch about 2 weeks ago and nearly flipped when I first started getting this error. I haven't gotten it recently but I certainly know what to do if it starts happening again. You guys are awesome!
  5. hazletone

    hazletone New Member

    So, I replaced the SD card right off the bat through HTC. No Dice. Now I've replaced my phone through T-mobile. And this morning I'm having the same problem. So, did I get another "bad SD" card? One can only wonder but I'm hear to tell everyone that waiting on a new SD card won't necessarily fix the issue, at least it didn't for me. I've got the 16 gig card that came with the Fender Mytouch. I've reset my phone, and all that did was erase all the date I've had in the past. I guess I'll give T-mobile a call and see what's up at this time, cause this taking the SD card out and putting it back in is getting pretty old.
  6. mendoza598

    mendoza598 New Member

    I bought my HTC my tough 3g. barely a week ago. And i keep getting that message, insert your sd card. If i were to purchase an sd card, will it be better, or do i really have to call and give that reference numb. As well, i dk if you guys have this proble, but out of now where whenever im texting it scrolls up whenever i touch a word, sometimes it just FORCES CLOSE on my mssgs.
  7. hazletone

    hazletone New Member

    Just got off the phone with HTC. They are sending me my 3rd SD card. And yes they tell me it will be a SanDisk 16gb. I spoke to a supervisor and he did little to reassure me that the card would work. He said, "this is the only solution we have for the problem: replace the SD card". So I'm going to give a go at which point if it fails I'm calling T-mobile and giving them an earful. What a monumental waste of time, sitting on hold with these corporate jack asses and getting nowhere fast. :mad:
  8. ryancushing

    ryancushing New Member

    TMO rep agrees. if your store rep or CSR does not know about it tell them to "look it up in streamline."
  9. hazletone

    hazletone New Member

    Just got my 3rd 16 gig Sandisk card, put it in and it immediately gave me the error. F HTC.
  10. JSourp

    JSourp Member

    Just received my replacement 8gb micro SDHC today (only a month later!) and it is a class 2, I doubt it will work. So far it works, but it has only been 2 hours. I will post if anything changes.
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  11. HeatherrSuicide

    HeatherrSuicide Active Member

    Oh, how I love this forum. And this thread. I started having this problem in April, a couple weeks after I bought my MyTouch. I went to a T-Mobile kiosk in the local mall, and the guy told me I probably had a virus on my SD card and to be more careful with what I download. I already knew he was smoking the good stuff, but it's nice to know there IS a solution. =)
  12. Ellmara

    Ellmara New Member

    I just wanted to say that this thread has been most helpful to me and my husband... I am just getting ready to call HTC and try to get a 4th card.... this time I want a class 4 or better no if's and's or but's.... this last one did not work right from the start. I put it in the phone and then after a few min I hooked it up to the computer and it would not mount.... so I unmounted it and it said that the SD card was damaged... Oh the joys! (scarcasam dripping....)
  13. SDPerkins

    SDPerkins New Member

    Thanks for this thread ! I started to fall into the loop to T-MO wanting to replace my phone for the failed memory card, on my 3rd try (2nd phone) I called HTC, they were helpful, but lets see If they send something better than the class 2.
  14. wowee18

    wowee18 New Member

    My wife and I just got MyTouch 3G phones 4 days ago and are BOTH getting replacements for this same reason. My SD card has actually gotten worse. It no longer is "fixed" with a power cycle - it just says "Memory card blank" and won't mount or format or anything, completely useless. I went with having TM send new phones for the simple reason that there is a 14 day buyers remorse period that resets every time you get a new phone. So when the new ones come I'll have another 14 days to be able to get fully refunded or a replacement (with another 14 days). If I had HTC send cards out the 14 days would probably expire before I even got the new cards.

    Also, TM did admit this is a known issue, but only for "the last few days" !!! They are selling phones with defective parts and they know it!

    At any rate, I really like the MT3G when its working!
  15. mulletcutter

    mulletcutter Well-Known Member

    What if you installed another type of card? Like a non sandisk
  16. Ellmara

    Ellmara New Member

    While waiting for replacements I have used my old 4 gig card (my husband also) they are class 4 and one is a dane and the other a Kingston I believe and they both work fine and never freeze up... (even when working the Scandisk ones tend to freeze)

    now i get to call htc again... this time about my husband's card (his replacement quit working):mad:
  17. mulletcutter

    mulletcutter Well-Known Member

    So its just the sandisk ones?
  18. HeatherrSuicide

    HeatherrSuicide Active Member

    From the looks of it, anything that's a class 2. If you go to an electronics store and look at the back of the microSD package, there will be a little number in a circle (or something to that effect, I believe...) You want that number to be a 4 or higher.

    I'm not sure if Sandisk makes higher class cards, but I'll look into it.
  19. gwcaton

    gwcaton Well-Known Member

    I installed a class 6 , 8gb ADATA sd and its running great , not one force close since.
  20. hazletone

    hazletone New Member

    After 3 sd card replacements from HTC, I walked into my t-mobile store in the mall and asked if they would swap my card. They did, it was not the card preloaded with Brad Paisley and Avril Lavigne, or anything else for that matter. All of the replacements had that stuff pre-loaded. It is however a SanDisk 16gig card that looks just like the other one. So far I've had it about a week and no error. I've shot lots of photos and video. Still no problem. I can't tell you how wonderful that is and how easy it actually was and when I told the guy about it at the t-mobile store he kind of shrugged it off as "yeah, we know about it". So it may not be the class thing after all but rather just an error or a bad batch of cards that went out to t-mobile that HTC seems to have an unlimited supply of, probably because people are sending them in and they are in turn wiping them, preloading them again and sending them out as new. Hogwash.
  21. tstarky

    tstarky Active Member

    I didn't have the time or desire to mess with the phone calls and hassles so I just purchased a new 8G sandisk and replaced the one I had. The original one gave me an error daily and sometimes several times a day. I've been using the new one for a week now and not a single error. The new one is also a class 2 that I purchased at Costco. I was't able to tell the class until after I got it due to the funky packaging they have on display. I decided to give it a go and I'm glad I did...so far. I'm hoping this is the end of that annoying issue.
  22. mulletcutter

    mulletcutter Well-Known Member

    same thing I did, bought akingston class 4 and works great.....
  23. Great to hear I'm only one of multitudes of people with SD card read error issues on the myTouch 3G. Let me clarity the problem.

    O: (Objective) When starting the camera, get message "please insert an SD card before using the camera", even when a card is inserted. Inconsistent camera operation with loss of some pictures. Poor performance, card read error messages, frequent forced closes, or complete inability to operate apps that write to the card (examples: Music Player, Google Listen, Beyond Pod). Temporary fixes include: 1) Power cycling the camera off and on. 2) Unmount and re-insert SD card. 3) Unmount, format the card in the phone (does not really work since some of the files are still visible after the "format"), and reinsert the card. 4) Unmount, format the card in an external device, and reinsert the card. 5) Use an apparently identical SanDisk 8gb SD card (class2) 6) Full factory reset of the phone software. All "fixes" are temporary, and the problem always comes back after switching between the camera and the gallery.

    S: (Subjective) Since several posters mentioned that running an app called Task Killer Advanced may contribute to the problem, I want to add mine to the list. Removing this software, along with any applications like podcatchers like Google Labs Listen (which attempt to write to the card) at least temporarily solve the camera issues.

    A: (Assessment) I believe the above apps are not the acutual cause but just highlight another flaw in the hardware or software, since after uninstalling the apps, the camera problems always recur after a few switches between it and the gallery, even after a full factory reset of the phone. Since many posters have reported changing the card (to a brand other than SanDisk, and in most cases a class other than class 2) seem to resolve the problem, I think that the cause is the SanDisk SD cards that came with the phone. Installation of certain apps can be ruled out, since the camera issues appear even on a virgin phone with NOTHING added. (See the original post 04/10/10 by JSourp who made the YouTube video -myTouch error: "please Insert an SD card before using the camera").

    T: (Treatment) Already on my second exchanged myTouch 3g, will try another card after seeing what the T-mobile store reps offer. If this fixes the problem, I'll post back. Too bad that, so far in my experience, two T-mobile store reps and one phone rep do not have a clue there is even a problem with the phone. Message to T-mobile, Train your employees.
  24. JSourp

    JSourp Member

    I have had the (HTC supplied) 8gb Micro SDHC Card class 2 for about a month now, and it still works fine, so a class 2 WILL work, as long as they provide a good one for you. Evidently this was a mass fault SDHC distribution. I hope that more of you have had a faster resolution than I.
  25. After four days since swapping out the supplied SanDisk 8GB (class2) card with a Kingston 8GB (class4) card, the problems described in the above posts are gone. I think it actually may be the brand and not just the batch dispensed with the phones, since I first tried another SanDisk 8GB (class2), purchased at WalMart, with no success. Also, in the T-Mobile forums, there are dozens of posts reporting positive results with, in most cases, a non-SanDisk SD card of class 4 or >.

    Good luck to those who by principle +/or necessity are waiting to get the replacement SD card of which they are so very rightly entitled (after spending up to $400 or their hard earned money). I will do the same, when I get the time.

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