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  1. loaded

    loaded Member

    Hey all,

    I have been running LauncherPro on my mytouch 3G for about 3 weeks. First couple of weeks it was great. A much appreciated upgrade from the stock launcher. However, after a couple of weeks, it began to force close a lot and more annoying, frequently takes up to 10 seconds to load the home screen and even when the icons show up, it will take a further 5 seconds or so to become responsive. Super obnoxious. I looked around and saw that it was no uncommon with launcherpro. Made adjustments as others outlined, uninstalled and reinstalled to to no avail. I junked it, installed ADW Launcher today. Was great the first couple of hours, then, it happened... the home screen load lag thing.

    So it must be something with my phone itself.

    anyone else have this issue? any suggestions to fix?


    mytouch 3G
    Froyo 2.2
    No Root

  2. loaded

    loaded Member

    Really, no one else is having launcher issues. I've since given up on the third party launchers as they all have the same issues... force closes and super laggy. However, after going back to the stock launcher, its the same thing. so whats up? It wasn't like this before.

    anyone have the same issue, maybe some tips, fixes, advice?

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