Mytouch 3G Slide Help with Recovery/ROM Flash

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  1. Kasey Clark

    Kasey Clark Active Member

    First let me say that I'm pretty new to this and will need pretty detailed instructions. Also thanks ahead of time for all the help.

    I have already rooted my MyTouch Slide. I am currently running CyanogenMod 6.0.0-Slide-RC1 with ClockworkMod for Recovery.

    The problem I am having is that 1) I am unable to flash a different Recovery and 2) I am unable to flash ANY other ROMs nor can I update the one I have.
    I am using Ubuntu 9.10 too if that makes any difference. I have tried several different Recovery images and each time I get the error : not enough space..... and even right after a I do a memory wipe. I could really use some step by step directions for getting a new Recovery. On a side not I also would like some instruction on bloatware removal. I have android mate and have used it to remove some of the files associated with said bloatware. For example Amazonmp3. I have gone into the sys/app folder and removed all the files there. Now I keep getting a "Amazon mp3" has forced closed....." when I have not even opened the app. Then I went to data/data and removed all traces there. Still the app remains and with constant fc. So the point is I could also use some step by steps to get rid of such apps.

  2. Kasey Clark

    Kasey Clark Active Member

    Also if I could get some advice on which SPL I need that would be absolutely AWESOME!
  3. RavenWulf

    RavenWulf Well-Known Member

    what are you using to try and get into recovery? since your are rooted and running CM6.0.0 RC1, I would recommend downloading Kuosh's ROM Manager you can get it from the Market or from xda-developers. it has a recovery specific to the MT3G-S, with that you can re-boot phone right into ClockworkMod recovery without doing the "button dance". from there you can flash any ROMs you have saved to your SD card, do nandroid backups/restores and flash one of dumfuq's Dopio over-clock kernels. to my knowledge ClockworkMod is the only recovery image working on the Slide at this time

    until we get an official upgrade from TMO we won't have a new SPL. I'm not familiar with Unbuntu... but if you go to xda-developers and look for HTC Espresso: myTouch 3G Slide you'll find everything you need. I didn't post the link to keep from violating forum rules.

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