MyTouch 3G (T-Mobile HTC Magic) upgraded now to Android 2.2.1 FRG83D firmwareGeneral

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  1. Guamguy

    Guamguy Well-Known Member

    Finally it is alive, alive. Gone from Android 1.5 to 1.6 and now Android 2.2.1. My very first Android phone now has the latest official Android update.

    The update hit with two phases, apparently one for Android 2.2, and then 2.2.1.

    ROM is FRG83D, which is similar to the one on my Nexus One without the D. But I heard FRG83D are hitting the Nexus One too.

    The fact there is no difference in the firmware label between this and the one on the Nexus One suggests me this is a generic OS.

    It doesn't make the phone zippy though, but after months of using 1 Ghz smartphones, my sense of normal has been retuned to a new standard.

    With the meager hardware, no Flash and living wallpaper either.

    I don't use the phone anymore except in trips, so the update is more for academic and personal satisfaction.

  2. raj4com

    raj4com New Member

    can you guide my on how to update and to download link
    thank you
  3. jeffreymarti

    jeffreymarti New Member

    I have the problem my HTC Magic dont sync with my comp i download the program and everything and nothing happen tell me what more can i do for sync my contact PLEASE HELP
  4. reminex

    reminex New Member

    hello plz can someone teach me how to go about upgrading my HTCmagic from 1.5 to

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