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Mytouch 4g battery/displayGeneral

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  1. reccless00

    reccless00 Member

    hey all. i just got a brand new mytouch4g from tmobile yesterday. i charged it to 100 and turned it off overnight. when i woke up and turned it on today, to my surprise it drained from 100 to 56%. i seriously dont even know how this is possible since the phone was completely off, and i doubt it uses that much battery to boot up.

    also, when i checked what was eating the battery, the dialer was at 6% and the display was at 96%?!?!??!?!? i dont get it, my brightness is OFF and screen time out is 30 SECONDS.

    someone please help me asap

  2. tukatz

    tukatz Well-Known Member

    Why are you not immediately taking the phone back to the T-Mobile store? :confused:
  3. reccless00

    reccless00 Member

    lol i wanna make sure im not doing anything wrong before i do so
    what is the normal display %? and ill see how things go today, i just finished charging to 100 and ill see how/when it drains

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