MyTouch 4g camera doesn't work!!!!!General

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  1. uniquacf

    uniquacf New Member

    I've had my mytouch 4g for a little over a month now and it has not been dropped nor water damaged but whenever i try to open the camera app or camcorder app the screen goes black and stays like that until i exit. i have tried a factory reset, ive "force stop" the camera app and restarted my phone, and ive even tried to download another camera app to try to use, but to no avail. everything else works fine. please help me figure out what the problem is....thank you.

  2. skillerified

    skillerified New Member

    I'm having a similar problem. Also had the phone about a month, no drops or abuse. Camera app (and camcorder and bar code reader) either does what's described above or, if it does open, the screen is full of green and blue lines. This happens on both the front and rear facing cameras. Any help or ideas?

    THE_MASTER22 New Member

    Same here, I'v had the phone for about a month and ahalf. I haven't dropped it or has any other form of damage. I had installed an app that would kill apps to save battery. It's called " advanced task killer " and it would kill my camera app every time I tried to open it. I uninstalled the advanced task killer and restarted my phone. After I did that, the camera app worked. Hope this helps y'all, Keep me posted on if the problem is resolved.
  4. Bubba:)

    Bubba:) New Member

    I'm having the same problems with my camera any solutions?
  5. BigSche

    BigSche New Member

    Its the BATTERY. Take it out for about 10 to 15 mins. Once you turn it back on, it will reset the camera and the lines will be gone. Happened to me more than once, and this worked everytime.:)
  6. Droidtothemax

    Droidtothemax Well-Known Member

    And if that don't fix it, call your carrier and send it back as a warranty replacement.
  7. XAviTOwn

    XAviTOwn New Member

    did you ever find a solution? my camera is having that same issue now.
  8. ToddF

    ToddF New Member

    Like Droidtothemax stated, call your carrier. My phone did this a couple months back. After the help desk tried several different options they sent me a new phone.
  9. XAviTOwn

    XAviTOwn New Member

    i contacted HTC directly. they assisted me in replacing my phone. its still under warranty being a new phone and all.
  10. Misael

    Misael New Member

    What if your not under warranty? I tried the battery thing and reset it to factory settings and still no luck :confused:please help, I love this phone
  11. davidxian

    davidxian Member

    I feel sorry for you, No one is perfect not even phones. Yours seems defective. sell it on amazon and buy a new one

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