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  1. omgthisphone

    omgthisphone New Member

    I have a MyTouch 4G and I cannot figure out how to change the default homescreen. for example when using 3+ screens, you could set the default to #2, giving you one screen on the right, and one screen on the left, with the homescreen in the middle.

    I had the homescreen as the middle one but I accidentally mushed some touchscreen buttons with my thumb and it is now the far left screen. :(

    If anyone knows how to change it back please help me!

  2. omgthisphone

    omgthisphone New Member

    Anyone? Please?
  3. omgthisphone

    omgthisphone New Member
  4. jasondeegan

    jasondeegan New Member

    • Hit Menu key.
    • Select Wallpaper.
    • Hit Menu key again when the wallpaper choices shows up.
    • The only menu item is "Home Screen" - select it.
    • A button at the bottom says, "Set Default Home Screen." Click it.
    • The blue-ish background should start blinking - select which of the many screens you want.
    • Hit home - should go to the new one.
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  5. jgpauley

    jgpauley New Member

    jasondeegan, I've had my LG my touch for over a year and every time my home screen changes inadvertently, I have to wait until it, inadvertently makes me change it again...very frustrating. SO...thank you!! for those very easy instructions! I plan to write them down because when you are 49 you don't remember these kinds of things as easily ;-) THANK YOU again! jayne
  6. ddj8

    ddj8 New Member

    Thanks for posting this. I needed to fix it myself on the fly!

  7. speduktor

    speduktor New Member

    I tried everything you said and it worked up until I selected Homescreen, but the little blue background box didn't start blinking and it didn't say 'set default home screen'. The little blue background is on the home screen page that has inadvertently been set to my default home screen as it used to always be the middle one. Any suggestions??
  8. speduktor

    speduktor New Member

    I tried all that and everythings fine until I get to the setting the home screen in blue box but the blue box doesn't start blinking so I can change it. What do I do now?? Help, driving me crazy.

    Update: It worked! I just had to close keyboard & do it on portrait screen. Thank you so much, jasondeegan!

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