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mytouch general question about OS...

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  1. jcc2150

    jcc2150 Member

    hi again, im wondering why my mytouch3g says model ID G1...but its 1.5 ..

    is 1.5 cupcake the same OS for both MT3g and G1? please let me know this asap, i can't seem to be installing correctly...

  2. Raven198

    Raven198 Well-Known Member

    1.5 is the android build. It's the same for all phones pretty much (unless there is like sense or something else with it.)
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  3. jcc2150

    jcc2150 Member

    cool, thank you. i called tmo yesterday, they said the same thing.
  4. syedhassan

    syedhassan New Member

    hy, i recently buy my touch 3g and i upgraded it version 2.2.1 and it's too freaking slow and my apps got slow and slow my toucg 3g got held many times , even my gallery pics are crushed. tell me how to solve that problem

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