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Mytouch problems!

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  1. pcwizpcwiz2

    pcwizpcwiz2 Member

    I could be wrong but I couldn't figure these out:

    * work email does not support HTML - unacceptable
    * Roadsync does not support HTML email - unacceptable
    * Phone is very sluggish even launching apps can be slow
    * Browsing over WIFI is still slow

    I want to like this phone but I find it very frustrating so far.

    Uninstalled everything that didn't come with it out of the box except Sherpa and it's more responsive but browsing is VERY dissapointing. I have a JB Iphone 2G over WIFI that is easily 2-3x faster for browsing.

  2. bobgaron

    bobgaron Active Member

    I agree that mine, only had it a day, is VERY, VERY sluggish in that- for example- when viewing Gmail I have to wait once I tap on an email before it pops up. It almost looks like the phone freezes momentarily. Then when the email does open up it has a blank white email body for about 3-5 seconds before appearing. This happens with the browser and a few other apps as well. I wonder what it could be. My G1 was NEVER like this.

    Additionally how do we get the OS update that was released just recently?
  3. bobgaron

    bobgaron Active Member

    Additionally I would like to add something...

    I just received my first call on the phone and it lags a lot when ringing through and displaying anything on the screen. The phone audibly alerts as well as flashes everything it can flash, but the screen stays black for a good 3 seconds.

    What could I do to speed it up. I don't really have anything running in the background. Thanks! :)
  4. guapo_apo

    guapo_apo New Member

    it shipped with 1.5 already installed... i never had a G1 so i dont know the speed difference, but i'm pretty satisfied with mine having migrated from a Curve... dont really have much of a lag on accessing email or launching apps.. only thing wrong is my syncing with my work email has a problem where addresses from my work are missing the first character when i reply to messages... annoying but i work around it for now by manually typing them in. LOVE the phone so far!
  5. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    I am not sure if you said before ... when you do a REPLY .... is that when it drops the first character of the reply to email address ?
  6. destroyers

    destroyers New Member

    I had the same problems. I was ready to throw this phone through a window. I found out that background services are running that need to be killed. I installed the free Taskiller and started killing apps and the problem when away.

    Good Luck

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