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MyTouch Slowness

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  1. QueenPendragon

    QueenPendragon Active Member

    I just got my MyTouch a week ago, and mostly it works fine, but is it normal for it to be a bit sluggish immediately after it's turned on sometimes? It's in the sense of the app drawer not sliding smoothly and being a bit slow when I press the arrow to bring it up. I do have task killer installed. The slowness usually goes away after a minute or two. Also, I took a bus trip today, and when I left, it wasn't raining extremely hard, but it got harder about halfway through the trip. My backpack got a bit wet on the bottom, making the phone a bit damp. I wiped it off, and it still works okay, but are there any things I should be watching out for? Could the sluggishness be related at all? Or maybe I just have a few too many apps, although I haven't gone overboard, and still have a lot of memory available in both sections.

  2. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Welcome! I need to move this to the appropriate place. :)
  3. QueenPendragon

    QueenPendragon Active Member

    I was wondering if I should put it there or in the section. Only, it's a 4G, not a 3G. Does that make a difference where you put it?

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