MyTouch vs iPhone?

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  1. phohammer

    phohammer Member

    Has anyone used both the iPhone (3GS) and the MyTouch 3G extensively? Can you give me a comparison? I have used an iPhone/iPod touch a lot and I am wondering if I will be disappointed at all with the MyTouch.

    How does the web browsing experience compare?

    I use only GNU/Linux on my computer, so I am looking forward to that aspect of the phone if I get it. But will any UI or feature quirks make me wish I had gotten an iPhone?

  2. iPhone2MyTouch

    iPhone2MyTouch New Member

    [long, but I suspect you crave details]

    Although I have had an iPhone since Feb 2008, I grabbed a myTouch last month. That move came as a direct result of Apple's rejection of Google Voice, which works flawlessly on the MyTouch. As a business woman with multiple lines, I can't begin to tell you how much easier that has made things for me. BUT, turns out: a few unexpected pleasant surprises really opened my eyes in terms of the limitations of the iPhone.

    First, keep in mind that the thing you're buying is supposed to be a phone, which means you'll want to hear the ringer. I can hear the MyTouch no matter how far away from the thing I may be in the house. With the iPhone, I have to be in the same room. Yes, I tried conjuring my own ringers, but the problem lies in the way the iPhone speaker is situated. Read: it's gonna yield a comparatively soft ring no matter what you do.

    Second, I had forgotten what GPS can truly mean in a phone. The iPhone does not permit background apps, while virtually all other phones do. Examples: 1) With the MyTouch, I was able to get a free task app, which actually talks to me ("you have things to do") when I am physically approaching a task-related location. Since only apps open in the background can do this, no way will this feature be available on the iPhone. It's kinda like GTD on steriods. 2) Profiles: turn the phone/sound/notifications on/off on a schedule. Again, that's a not-in-this-life deal with the iPhone; it can be done manually only. 3) I like to see my agenda when I turn on the phone. No way with iPhone; widgets galore satisfy that and other itches on the M/T.

    Third, over the life of the contract, the cost of owning a MyTouch is significantly less than the iPhone. I was willing to accept the long-term premium iPhone cost, until the Google Voice fiasco, and signal woes (below), materialized, by which time I was well beyond the 3GS return period. (I'm now using an iPhone app, Notify Me, to keep me informed of any changes to the AT&T page re Terms and Conditions, which will be my get-out-of-jail-free card.)

    Fourth, until mid-July, I got 5-bar signal strength on my iPhone in the house. One day, things changed to a continuous fight between "No Service" and a barely noticeable blip. No rhyme or reason-- it just happened. Same thing on my husband's Razr, so I knew it wasn't a phone-specific problem. AT&T gave me a substantial credit, but my iPhone love affair had dimmed. All those calls that had dropped-- which I had shrugged off in years gone by--, no matter where I may have been along the eastern seaboard, came flooding back to memory. By comparison, I've also had the MyTouch up and down the East Coast-- I've yet to get anything less than 3-4 bars, and no dropped calls.

    Given the reliability and convenience factors, I'm now squarely in the Android camp. Admittedly, the iPhone offers a more fluid or smoother overall experience, but to me, it's merely a matter of style over function. I can browse comfortably with the M/T, although I had to get used to it-- the iPhone had really spoiled me in that regard via its pinch-to-zoom feature. But, once I got used to the Android version (tap the magnifying glass), it was fine.

    Even beyond Google Voice, for me, this is the tipping point: I spent a few hundred bucks buying the iPhone. That makes it mine, something Apple fails to comprehend. Apple seems wedded to the idea that the iPhone is on loan, as they dictate what can and cannot be done with it, absent jailbreaking. Once that reality set in, I was no longer willing to accept the other snafus associated with the iPhone, and acted accordingly. Note: At some point, the FCC will cure this ill. In the meantime, my cure = the MyTouch.

    Only you will know what satisfies you best. If you want the phone to play with it, the iPhone will undoubtedly satisfy... as will the M/T. But if you're looking for a TRUE phone that YOU own, with all that suggests, the M/T will likely prove a better fit.

    Just one gal's opinion!
  3. phohammer

    phohammer Member

    So I got the myTouch 3G and I love it! Background processes make this a completely different animal than an iPhone or my iPod touch! I'm very happy with my decision.
  4. maxjivi05

    maxjivi05 New Member

    Ok... I've got a couple people offering to trade me their MyTouch for my iPhone 3G 8BG... I just seek some advice... I love the whole Android thing, I hate how apple restricts apps but then again people go around apple to create apps for the iPhone so really Google Voice is there for the iPhone just you have to jailbreak, and download it behind apples back which is stupid I own thep phone I should do what I want with it anyway...

    Anyway... Can anyone tell me what exactly makes MyTouch better...
    Is there much of a difference in web browsing except pinch / zoom?
    Is there really lag when scrolling in the Android?
    How much RAM is free on the android at first boot ? I got my iphone to 62 MB free at boot, and I have it multi-tasking with backgrounder, not perfect but it works.
    I really want to get into the Android Community I just want to know which Phone should I be trading my iPhone for, I hate to trade for something with less performance in an overall browser/app and all that good stuff...

  5. clitrenta

    clitrenta Well-Known Member

    I have the MyTouch after many years with Blackberry and assorted other smart phones. I love Android and am very happy with the MyTouch. There will always be things that one phone can do better over another. Apple will probably be king of media for a long time but after all, it IS a phone and that is the most important factor. After that I guess it's a matter of what's important to you. You might also want to look at Google's new Nexus One although for me, that's a real gamble because I NEVER like buying devices I can't first put my hands on and on top of that, it's supported directly by Google and who really knows how well that will go. With T-Mo, I could just call them or walk into a store. I would never switch to an iPhone, mostly because I think AT&T stinks, at least in my area. What good is it if it doesn't do it's basic function - a phone? I also like the idea that if I really like Android (which I do), I can go to most any other carrier and get an Android device, all without missing a beat. Android devices may not be quite there yet in some ways when compared to iPhone but I definitely see it getting there, especially if AT&T doesn't get it's act together. I see nothing but good things for Android in the future and I'm willing to invest my time and money in getting to know this new kid on the block as I fully expect it to yield dividends in the future.
  6. djclark

    djclark Well-Known Member

    if you are used to the iphone. ANY android device will seem unpolished.

  7. sinclac

    sinclac Well-Known Member


    Broke my contract with ATT because of this and got T-Mobile and a My-Touch it not as polished as Iphone buy i can do what i want with it. And i love it.

  8. ZoomZoom

    ZoomZoom Active Member

    I agree. My wife uses iPhone and when I compare the functions side by side, no doubt that iPhone is much superior in the followings:

    * Touch Screen
    * Overall deisgn - How slick, slim and smooth it is compared to bulky MyTouch
    * App library - although Android market is growing, I am curious if different OS compatibility issues may rise

    I went with MyTouch just because I hate Apple. I run linux alot and I wanted to support open source market over restricted market.
    One thing I am not satisfied with the phone is touch screen and camera.
    Other than that, I really am satisfied with what it offers.
    I've been in the IT field over 10+ years and the integration of Google Apps + Android is top notch!
  9. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    Plain and simple i MISS my Iphone dearly! Although i save 30 a month, i beginning to believe the 30 bucks may have been worth it. Not having to worry about force closures, freezes, apps clashing, etc. makes it worth it.Plus when apple updates they update everyone! not leave people in the past when the phone is only 4 months old! pathetic
  10. happyfeet

    happyfeet Member

    i love my mytouch but my brothers iphone apps kill all of mine :(
  11. clitrenta

    clitrenta Well-Known Member

    Just as a side note, not everyone wants the slimest thing running. I actually returned a phone once because, nice as it was, it was just too slim and it was a bit like carrying a bar of soap around waiting for it to jump out of my hand. All of the new iPods/phones are sleek but I sure have my hands full hanging onto one. Sometimes bigger reallys is better. :)
  12. andmay9358

    andmay9358 Member

    My roommate has a Iphone3g and I have a Mytouch3g, after using both of them neck and neck (My phone has been rooted) for the most part. Her phone will load google maps and will make a phone call faster than mine. But those are very small in comparison to what I want in a phone. Mytouch3g wins, sorry apple. I like having tons of free apps, music, and games to dl.
  13. InstantKarma

    InstantKarma Well-Known Member

    I can remember when Steve Jobs announced and demo'd the first iPhone, and I was all kinds of excited. Then it was announced that it was going to be exclusive to Cingular, and I was less excited. Then a couple months later, AT&T bought Cingular and I completely lost interest.

    I love my iPods, including the Touch. I wouldn't do business with AT&****ingT if they were the last phone company on the planet and they were giving their service away.

    I've been very happy with my MyTouch. My only source of frustration was that the contacts/dialer would lag like nobody's business, but that seems to have gone away on its own. Plus now, I have Google Voice, and their voicemail system blows T-Mobile's Visual Voicemail out of the water.

    I'm so happy, I may even forget that I'm getting annoyed at T-Mobile, when my contract runs out next year. lol
  14. Nexus1

    Nexus1 Well-Known Member

    The iphone 3gs is alot better, lots faster, no lagging, force closures or anything like that. Now on the other hand, droid and N1 are better than the 3gs
  15. andmay9358

    andmay9358 Member

    LoL, of course the droid and N1 are better than the 3gs....... Glad you decided to read the spec sheets, now just read the title of the thread :).

    Only reason that Iphone was better to me was the time it took to access my dialer. After Cyanogenmod update, class 6 sdcard, and 10mb hack, I doubt the iphone is a lot faster.
    As far as saying a lot better? Wow what a narrow statement......
    I like to have a phone that feels like it is mine, not just some number off an assembly line. I like my black notification bar, loading screens, as far as customization and user interface the mytouch wins to me.

    "Iphones are made for people that want a smart phone but aren't necessarily smart"
  16. Nexus1

    Nexus1 Well-Known Member

    LOL you are very true...I loved how customizable the mytouch was but im just saying...The iphone 3gs is really no comparison to a mytouch. Yes, the mytouch is better than a 3G, but not 3gs. To me i like bigger screens and faster phones and of all the mytouches ive had, they just dont really deliver that kind of response (quickness). I will say that that i love how cool they are when they are rooted and running a CM or a hero rom. Lol i got into an argument with this person the other day because they said they have 3gigs of RAM installed onto their sd card. LMAO really??? The most ive seen was a 10mb hack but thats about as far as you can go.
  17. Dane

    Dane New Member

    Ok, I have an unlocked Iphone that I've been using with Tmobile for a couple of years now. Loved it of course but hate that it cant be updated because of the whole locking up again thing. Bought a G1 last year. It's ok but NOT an iphone. Just bought a Mytouch and here are my thoughts. Still nothing compares to the coolness and ease of the iphone. The mytouch is MUCH better than the G1 but I have one major complaint. Is it just me or is it a lot harder to text with the small key pad on the Mytouch?? Is the Nexus one the same for texting?
  18. spongebobnopants

    spongebobnopants Well-Known Member

    Even my rooted MT3G with 2.1 does not come close to the iphone 2G. The only thing the MT3G has over my iPhone 2G is it has an AF camera and 3G. Everything else on my jailbroke iphone with background apps runs flawlessly. Even Google Voice app via cydia.
  19. I am in the same boat, I switched to my touch 3g after having an iphone 2g for about >2 years. My touch is slow, and more buggy constant wait/force apps to close. I would have bought a new iphone 3gs, but apple store and att wouldnt sell it to me. So, I said screw them and bought the my touch 3g out anger, in stead of going on ebay to buy Iphone. Kinda have buyers remorse.
  20. Dane

    Dane New Member

    Wish there was a way to test/play with a Nexus One.....................
  21. jfritzs2

    jfritzs2 Well-Known Member

    I know that the iPhone is faster than Mytouch. It is, and even with the newest rom or 2.1 the iPhone will be faster in opening apps, the dialer, and it won't get force closes, etc. However, the iPhone even jailbroken isn't as customizable and personal as a Mytouch. Speed isn't where Mytouch or any earlier Android phone will beat out iPhone. Its the only very important details.
    - Customization
    - Not having to use the iTunes store and feeling like you are just being worked over and nickel and dimed
    - Expandable Memory
    - Interchangeable batteries
    - Multi-tasking
    - Google backing you up!
    - Widgets
    - Not dealing with AT&T and enjoying Tmobile
    - Having the fastest 3G - Proof
    - Least expensive data and voice plans
    - Unlimited Voice over Internet Protocol with Tmobile @Home!
    And so much more!!

    Seriously, I know that the iPhone is quicker and more fluid and smooth, but thats not all that makes a phone. Apple doesn't know that, at all - the iPhone, 3G, and 3GS are the same phone, just a bit smaller and faster than the earlier ones!!! Sure they have more apps, but they've been at it for a year and a half longer!

    Obviously you know my choice, I can deal with a force close here or there, but I can't go back after all of the advantages of the Mytouch or any other Android phone.
  22. Dane

    Dane New Member

    I agree with pretty much everything you said. But....the texting is annoying on the mytouch. Please tell me its different on the Nexus one????
  23. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    better on the nexus.. more room
  24. jfritzs2

    jfritzs2 Well-Known Member

    I do get annoyed with the typing on it, however it definitely depends on the keyboard that you are using. The default is way too compact, I understand if devs were trying to make it cool by being compact, but it just not usable.

    "Better Keyboard" is a great one! It widens and makes the keyboard taller so its just all around easier to type with. But I had been using a like version 2.x for a long time, then decided to go ahead and upgrade to like 4.x and everything was just a lesser experience! I didn't like it so much that I gave it up and went back to the default.

    Now I'm using "Touch Input" or HTC IME its a dream! I love it! The one feature that makes it so great, although there are many, is that it automatically saves words that you type that you force select to be put in your text. Like you type out "crap," its not normally in the dictionary, instead veal comes up, but if I select crap to be put in the text it saves the word to the dictionary.

    So I know that the default is bad, but there are other options out there for Mytouch.
  25. Dane

    Dane New Member

    Now I didnt think about looking for an "app" keyboard. Thank you for the suggestion and I hope I can find it. I'm really thinking about getting the Nexus one but it's very expensive considering you cant even try one out first.

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