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Mytouch won't boot past the Android 4G screenSupport

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  1. Ashfur

    Ashfur New Member

    I have a LG mytouch 4G (LG-e739) from Tmobile and I just did a factory reset on it. After I did that, it would boot up fine to the setup menu and when it would ask me for my gmail account the widget would crash and tell me to force close.

    Now, it won't even do that. It boots up and sits on the Android screen. I can't even turn the phone off anymore, I have to take the battery out. T-mobile told me to do an update on it, but since it won't load past the android boot screen, updating it is useless.

    I was wondering if the phone is savable? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

  2. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

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