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N.O.V.A 3 on Nexus 7 framerate?Support

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  1. Averageasian

    Averageasian Member

    Does anyone else have NOVA 3 on their Nexus 7 and have framerate issues? I just got NOVA 3, and the framerate is horrible, does anyone else have this issue?

  2. Averageasian

    Averageasian Member

    Thanks for all the replies
  3. lucky013

    lucky013 Well-Known Member

    There have been lag issues on a lot of devices running that game .
  4. littlejohno

    littlejohno Active Member

    I don't recall issues on my Galaxy S3 I'll load it on here and take a look :)
  5. n4zty

    n4zty Well-Known Member

    nova 3 works perfect on my n7 make sure you dont have other process running in the background.
  6. Averageasian

    Averageasian Member

    It should work fine on your Galaxy S3, I heard that it isn't optimized for Nexus 7
  7. En4cer2k11

    En4cer2k11 Well-Known Member

    I wonder what version of android people are running with? Cause I have 4.1.2 and the game runs fine on my Nexus.
  8. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    It seems to play the same on all the Tegra 3 devices and the GS3. There is some lag on all, but not enough to hurt gameplay.

    That said, the game plays smoother on both the iPad 3 and the iPod 5. This is probably due to OS and port issues rather than hardware.

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