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  1. RhysD

    RhysD Active Member

    So I recently traded in my iFail for an unlocked Telus HTC Hero, everything is working fine except for the network time, when I choose the option to use network time to set the time and date it jumps over to Atlantic time when I am in Pacific time, Im on Rogers in British Columbia, could this be that the APN is bad?

  2. indie13

    indie13 Member

    Ok not the answer your looking for but ive read a few places that recommend to turn off the auto update as again its another battery saver. Sorry cant help more
  3. ovigt71

    ovigt71 Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem after loading MoDaCo 3.0 rom. I recommend to turn off the auto update. That was the solution for me. Now, after I restored to original rom, I don't have this problem. I think there is a bug in this rom. .....
  4. RhysD

    RhysD Active Member

    It was to do with location services, i turned them all off then went and turned on the network derived time, then turned location services back on and voila, its all fixed, thanks for the help guys, appreciate it!
  5. Wulazaga

    Wulazaga Member

    What exactly did you turn off? I have this exact same problem lol
  6. RhysD

    RhysD Active Member

    Well obviously you want to go to settings and find "my location services" And make sure they are all turned off, then go to date and time settings and check the automatic time settings, make sure its on go back to location services and turn that back on , it worked for me don't know if it will work for you, you will still need to use sms time fix, which can be found on the market
  7. RhysD

    RhysD Active Member

    Ignore the number 5 I'm doing this on my droid and probably made a couple typos but it frustrated me so i felt I should help so again excuse my typing
  8. Wulazaga

    Wulazaga Member

    Sweet! Thanks a lot!
  9. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    A Droid and a Hero user??? Talk about spoiled for choice! :) I've binned the 5 for you... thanks for helping out.
  10. Champmoney

    Champmoney Active Member

    Worked for me thanks

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