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N1, Texting, and T-Mobile

  1. System6

    System6 Well-Known Member

    OK. So a family member of mine works at T-mobile and I am on their plan. Before that I had Sprint and Verizon. I have ALWAYS had terrible luck with GSM, but had not used it for years.

    So of course I ditch my old carriers and get on their plan. I got a G1 the same day theirs did. Theirs worked great in my house, mine didn't work at all. I switched to the MyTouch..... same issue.

    I went to a BB 8900 for a while because of the UMA and the UMA was flawless. I am currently using the new Vonage app, and it should have been labeled in my opinion.

    So I LOVE Android and decide to ditch BB and get an N1. My first N1 died with in days (search my name and read the saga), I get my replacement, and still no service, but I LOVE the N1, and I love Android.

    So here is the issue.... My phone will randomly just drop service all the time. 4 bars, 3 bars, emergency mode for like 5 minutes. When I send texts whether it be via Handcent or the stock messaging app, I get an "unable to send" or envelope with a clock on it.

    When I get back in a service area though, it doesn't send. Not even days later. not even after a reboot. It just sits there.

    About a week ago I sent a mass MMS at 1pm. A bunch of funny pix (about 7) to like 10 of my friends. They all say they have sent. At 1AM I get a bunch of texts from pissed off friends to "STOP!". They just sent all at once hours later.

    4 phones, At least 7 different Sim cards..... Why will one persons T-mobile work great and anothers not work at all? Is there a setting I can change....something I can mess with? I am considering a repeater or trying to mod the internal antenna.

    Any ideas? I'm about to go to another carrier, but I want a beast of a phone... the new Verizon Droid and the EVO 4G from Sprint both look promising, but I would like a full multitouch screen...not just one that gets 2 points.

    I'm a phone nerd and know they aren't future proof, but where is the freaking Verizon N1 already?!


  2. Bobulation

    Bobulation Active Member

    maybe it's your sim card that's the problem
  3. System6

    System6 Well-Known Member


    I just said I have changed the Sim card several times. Thanks for trying man, but it definitely not the SIM card as I put in a new one yesterday.
  4. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    i have the same issues you have.... very frustrating indeed

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