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  1. kathayes

    kathayes Well-Known Member

    I converted some audio files as .mp3 and .ogg files and placed them into my Dropbox folder and am now trying to use ES File Explorer to either copy/paste or move the files into the /system/media/audio/alarms or notifications or ringtones folders, though almost each time I do, I receive a message that the file can not be moved. It let me move the files a couple times, though after moving the files, they would not show up as available options under alarms. I do not have an SD card so I'm trying to save the files only to the built in memory.

    What am I doing wrong?


  2. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    There is only one area where I've notice this type of thing happening. I noticed that, when setting up my daily work week alarm, I had to actually add the ringtone I wanted to use because it wasn't identifying. It was very strange because I hadn't experienced that before. Of course, I have all my ringtones/alerts in my microSD, so it's pulling the files from a different location, but still the same concept as you mentioned.

    Other than that, all the other areas that I can set notifications / ringtones, identify the files without any issue.

    I noticed you mentioned trying to copy and paste from your DropBox to your internal storage. I didn't think that was even possible, since the files would still need to be downloaded from the Dropbox server, in order to store as hard files on a drive.

    What I'd recommend doing is downloading the files onto your phone, through dropbox, and then moving the downloaded files (rather than just trying to copy/paste or move from the identified dropbox storage via Estrongs).
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  3. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    I use X-Plore as my file manager. It can link to dropbox and will ask for your credentials on first go. Then an email will be sent saying that I added the app to access dropbox. Once it's done, I can transfer any file in dropbox to my Note 2 without any issues. Both internal or external directories.

    However, file naming can interfere with the transfer. I had a few files that failed because of the file name. If it contained special characters, it would fail. Renaming it without using special characters usually fixes the issues.

    As for alarms, there should be no issues using mp3. I have mp3 files in my internal alarm directory and it works fine. I recode my mp3s to 64kbps to save on space. There's no need to use 320kbps for it since you're not really looking to listening to it. More to alert you of something.
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  4. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Thanks for chiming in, NG. I don't have my online storage linked to the file explorer apps I use, but I'm thinking now that I should.
  5. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    Dependent on user. I use ezPDF and a few other apps attached to dropbox. The file explorer is when I want to have more control over where I want my files placed. Sometimes I move files within dropbox itself. Especially critical files I cannot afford to lose. They go in my Backup folder and ready to copy over to an external backup solution when I'm on my desktop.
  6. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Definitely see the benefit from it. Because of your post, I linked up all my online cloud storage accounts to my Astro yesterday (at least the ones that show as connectable).

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