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  1. jsmtux

    jsmtux New Member

    Hi all, i've recently purchased an Ainol Paladin but I didn't receive it yet.
    As i've read, it seems that emulators like psx4droid or gameboid work just fine with magic code but I haven't read anything about n64oid.
    Does it work?
    If it doesn't, is there anybody who could port it or at least give me some advices in order to port it?
    I tried recompiling it and it fails on the dynarec, as it is arm-dependant. I don't think it is really difficult to port for someone who knows the code, but I don't know where to start as I've only programmed trivial things in MIPS assembler.
    Thanks in advance for your answers!

  2. heyhowie

    heyhowie New Member

    You may have more luck at xda, but you've heard gameboid works? do you have a link to that thread, I'd like to reassure myself :)

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