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  1. Vorbis

    Vorbis Well-Known Member

    I purchased N64oid from SlideME this morning but I'm struggling to come up with a decent key setup. If you have this app how did you set your controls up?

  2. phi439154

    phi439154 New Member

    its a little hard at the min as you cant assign controls to the touch pad once this is supported it will be all ok but at the minute depending on what game you play depends on the control set up
  3. NCirie

    NCirie Active Member

    I would love to know what key mapping peeps are using for GoldenEye (N64)?

    I have had the hardest time playing with the mapping that I can use with other games on there like OOT, Smash, Perfect Dark.

    Can anyone share some suggestions?
  4. NCirie

    NCirie Active Member

    So no one has played GoldenEye 64 on their Xperia Play and can share their key mappings?

    I would think someone would have run into this before?
  5. joffiebear

    joffiebear New Member

    The only way to do it really is to have the key display on screen (for use of the yellow buttons)

    And then configure a & b buttons to your x, circle, square and triangle buttons....

    Trigger and Z (back button) should be on the shoulder buttons!

    This is the set up i use to play legend of zelda, and super mario....
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  6. locnar77

    locnar77 Member

    If you download Mupen64 Plus from the market, its already mapped and optimal configured for the play, even shows up on the launcher
  7. Vorbis

    Vorbis Well-Known Member

    Yeah I have Mupen64 Plus. Doesn't run as well as N64oid yet but great considering how early it is in development.

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