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  1. anemoneman

    anemoneman Member

    Who out there kept their phone naked (without a case)? Have you dropped it or do you regret it?

  2. Evil.Bonsai

    Evil.Bonsai Well-Known Member

    No case. dropped several times.
  3. _sC

    _sC Well-Known Member

    i hate the feeling of a case on phone i MUCH rather have it naked as well but for those small dings and whatnot i had to put on at least a minimal protection case.
  4. ultradroid

    ultradroid So many android phones... VIP Member

    I have a BodyGlove case on my Atrix, just in case I should drop it. No, I've never dropped any of my android phones, this is just prudent protection.

  5. Recip

    Recip New Member

    No case. I've dropped it a couple of times with no damage. The lettering on the back is wearing off, but that's no big deal. I figure a case is like having a bra on the front of a car. You are saving the paint job for when you are no longer using it. What's the use in that?
  6. epilot

    epilot Member

    Mine's naked. Dropped it many times, a couple times flat on this screen(no screen protector) from leaving the car and forgetting the phone was on my lap. screen is still nice like the first day I got it. only a few scuffs marks on the lower corner from dropping it and hitting the corner of the phone.

    Do I regret not using a case? No, the phone looks super sleek/sexy without a hulky case around it. plus it feels much better with no case.
  7. log1c

    log1c Well-Known Member

    damn, I think I will cringe if I drop my phone, but usually with my, once I drop it and it suffers certain amount of scuffs, I tend to not care as much anymore, it is only the first time that happens where I will feel a bit upset haha
  8. ultradroid

    ultradroid So many android phones... VIP Member

    I just basically find the Atrix to be slippery feeling, and I'm not comfortable having no case around it.

  9. John I

    John I Well-Known Member

    Yeah I have dropped it without a case on. No problem. I mostly use it with the Body Glove case because otherwise it is too slippery. I like to put it on my center console in my car. A tap of the brakes sends it screaming up under my brake pedal without the case. I wish someone would make a rubberized battery door to replace the factory one. That would also (hopefully) make it so it would fit in the charging dock without removing the case every time.

  10. ultradroid

    ultradroid So many android phones... VIP Member

    A man after my own heart. :) I too use a body glove case, more to prevent it slipping than anything else.

  11. ROCer

    ROCer Well-Known Member

    I have a case. After taking it off all the time for the dock, I just stopped using the case. No regrets. Slides into my pants pockets better now. I do have a screen protector though.
  12. kilasix9

    kilasix9 Well-Known Member

    I have a case and screen protector. Without the screen protector, too much fingerprint res. I've dropped it a few times with the body glove case on and it does the job.

    I like the look of the phone without it and am careful enough to not NEED a case but I like to preserve the phone since I tend to get a new phone every 8 months to a year and always sell the old one. If AT&T comes out with a good phone like the Atrix that will work on their LTE network later this year, I'll probably switch to that and sell my Atrix.
  13. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    +1 The Atrix is as slippery as a wet bar of soap! I am not a case fan but had to get a case for my Atrix. I got an Incipo and Rearth, both are very thin and not very noticable.
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  14. DieselRules

    DieselRules New Member

    I just got a Seidio Innocase II for my Atrix yesterday and am very pleased with it. I found the naked Atrix too slippery and thin but the Innocase adds just enough "bulk" and textured finish to make it firm in the hand. It also fits in my Blackberry Nite-Ize holster perfectly.
  15. irieone

    irieone Well-Known Member

    I have a vary thin body glove case and love it! It feels like there is not even one on at all
  16. mcbaes72

    mcbaes72 Active Member

    I just got mine yesterday, "like new" from eBay. It seems different than the ones at the at&t store, it has a RUBBER BACK COVER, not the hard surface (plastic) cover that I remember when trying it out at the store.

    I'm kinda forced to be without a case, bought an Otterbox Defender and rubber cover on back is too bulky to fit. At least I put on a screen protector though.
  17. Caldazar

    Caldazar Member

    I really love the look of it nekkid, but I am an auto mechanic/service technician and therefore the phone is in a fairly harsh environment. The Defender keeps it safe.
  18. Jazonknight

    Jazonknight Active Member

    I get the Ottobox commuter cases and I love it, makes it rugged without making it to bulky.
  19. pepelobo

    pepelobo Member

    Got the Otterbox case just so I can trow the phone at my wife when I need a beer, without it breaking.
  20. Gquebed

    Gquebed Member

    I bought wimpy, clear case that only protects the back, really. The first time I dropped the phone it landed flat on the screen, shattering it iwth a "pop." Not a mark on the case...

    The second time I dropped it I got a little divot on the bottom near the screen. Again, not a mark on the case...

    So the case is great, I guess.... :(
  21. astro_geeky

    astro_geeky New Member

    Mines nekkid but I have a leather slip case I put it into before putting it into my bag or pockets.

    Had a case on the back but never liked the little bit of bulk it added

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