names won't show up for phone numbers in SMSSupport

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  1. cgcarnes08

    cgcarnes08 New Member

    i just got the Incredible 2, and as soon as i synced my contacts to the facebook htc sense, some of the names won't show up in my messages function. i have tried to deleting them and re adding them, and i can NOT figure out what's wrong, and it's really aggravating. any ideas?

  2. I am also having this problem, but only for certain contacts. I'm very frustrated because I cannot figure out what the deal is.
  3. mjlyn

    mjlyn New Member

    My daughters phone is 3 days old and doing the same thing. Also her "phone" button is not working.

    Anyone have answers?
  4. mshtcdroid

    mshtcdroid New Member

    I had this issue also, restarted phone and was fixed!
  5. Restarting did not work for me.
  6. belfast_tmy

    belfast_tmy New Member

    Had the same issue right after installing the GB update. Ended up hard resetting the phone and everything has worked perfectly since. It's no fun returning everything to how you had it but I looked at it as a minor inconvenience to make it run correctly.
  7. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

    if worse comes to worse you can try a factory reset on your phone and and re synce your google g mail accout to you phone and see if that fixes the problom...
    and if that dosent work you can try a 3rd party SMS app from the market
    Go SMS Pro
    Handcent SMS
    and Chop SMS

    all three are realy good apps

    hope that helped some
  8. Yay, turns out restarting it again did work. Still don't know what caused it but it's fixed now

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