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Names won't sort First name first.Support

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  1. Mewkiss

    Mewkiss Well-Known Member

    I entered some names in my contact list and it had them sorted by first name.

    I wanted to see how it worked sorting with last name so changed it but now it won't change back.

    I've powered off my phone and turned it back on and it still won't go back to first names first. Seems like I get the same result no matter what option I choose.

    UPDATE: Maybe I don't understand how it works. Will it list them alphabetically with the first name first or will it list them alphabetically by first name but puts the last name first and highlights the first name as I scroll?

    UPDATE: Ok, it always puts the last name first it just changes the sort order. If I wanted to change it I would put first names in the last name space etc. Got it.

  2. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    I am going on the assumption that contacts on the Optimus V works the same as on the Optimus Slider. Open contacts, hit menu -> Sort list by and View contact names as

    Default is sort list by first name view contact as first names first. You can change it to sort by last name, last name first as well.
  3. Mewkiss

    Mewkiss Well-Known Member

    I figured it out but didn't like how it worked so I put the full name in the FIRST name box that way it lists them as JOHN SMITH not smith JOHN.
    If you sort it by viewing first name first it would hide the last name until I stopped scrolling).

    I found that too confusing for me. I like how I have it set up now. Thanks though.

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