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  1. Chief7

    Chief7 Well-Known Member

    I've been getting this message when I get a picture sent to my via mms. Today, it was of my grandson at an Independence Day parade in Columbus, OH where they have gone for a funeral. But it isn't the first time, and it isn't just when she sends a picture.

    I reviewed a couple of other forums out there and didn't find a fix. I did a shutdown and start-up and I could download it then, but this seems a bit of a cumbersome way of having to get an MMS in 2011. :rolleyes:

    Has anyone else had this on the XPRT and have you found a better fix?

  2. raindrop

    raindrop Member

    I have also gotten that message!... Hummmm
  3. Chief7

    Chief7 Well-Known Member

    I posted this on the Motorola XPRT forum as well - they are sending it up to support to see if there is a work around or update for this.
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  4. holes45

    holes45 Active Member

    Any update one this problem?
  5. Gamingguyx

    Gamingguyx Active Member

    Best solution: Download Handcent SMS. You can download MMS with no issues. At least I can. And don't use stock messengers.
  6. holes45

    holes45 Active Member

    Handcent didnt work but getting the msl number (not spc), and doing ##3282# and erasing the the port and proxy with the msl under mmsc worked.

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