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Native Email Exchange Account Syncing ProblemSupport

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  1. toddpedersen

    toddpedersen Well-Known Member

    I have an EVO3D, unrooted with the latest software level. I noticed recently that I have a problem with the calendar auto syncing when it is opened. Before you answer, please read on.....

    Under my exchange account, I have verified that the checkbox is checked that allows email and the calendar to auto sync when opened, but what I have found is this.....

    If I have my Exchange Sync Schedule set to manual for both peak and off peak times, I can with no problem open my Exchange Mail and see that it auto syncs fine. When I open my calendar however, it does not start to sync.

    The only way to fix the calendar so that it does auto sync, is to change my sync schedule to any form of auto syncing like once per day or every 4 hours etc., (I choose Once Per day for both Peak and Off Peak by the way, because I really don't want my Exchange account to sync at all unless I want it to) Once I have done that then the calendar will auto sync when opened. If I change the sync schedule back to Manual, then the calendar stop auto syncing when opened.

    Seems like a glitch, and I was wondering if it was just me??????

  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    I don't know how to fix this, as I don't have an exchange account. But have you tried K9 mail? I hear it's really good.
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  3. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    send a ticket to htc. they will assign you a tech and you guys can troubleshoot. this could be an issue with your company exchange server.
  4. toddpedersen

    toddpedersen Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have never had any luck working with HTC, maybe the upgrade to ICS will fix the issue. As for your thought about this possibly being an exchange server issue, I am struggling to see how that might be possible, considering that what I described to make it work right or not work, hase to do with the actual phone settings. Hopefully ICS will fix it.

    Thanks again.

  5. villanim

    villanim New Member

    I am really getting tired of Androids activesync issues. I have several Android devices different models, manufacturers and carriers all with the same issue, the inability to sync Exchange contacts as they all have the same error message on them "Synchronization is experiencing problems". I have removed and re-added the accounts and they do sync for awhile before the issue occurs again, usually when they add a new, or modify an existing contact in Outlook, in which case the changes do not flow to the phone. I have found no help at all on this issue as I have researched this issue extensively, and all I have found is that Exchange ActiveSync policies can cause provisioning and synchronization to fail when the devices are customized (I take this to mean on the OEM side with their skins such as Motoblur and Sense for example). I have no intention of recommending to my user base to purchase Touchdown or some other third party mail client (Which brings with it it's own set of problems). So if osmeone has encountered this and found a workable solution with the native mail client and people client I would greatly appreciate your input. Otherwise I am getting very close to banning Android devices from my firm. Thank you
  6. villanim

    villanim New Member

    One it is not an issue with Exchange or activesync as I have over 150 Android devices and not all of them experience this issue. And as my post stated it is across manufacturers as well, Samsung, NTC, Motorola (with Moto being most prevalent). Also, I support over 100 iPhones which also use activesync and they do not experience any issues whatsoever, so it is not an issue with our Exchange setup, it is, in my opinion and MS, the manufacturers constant tinkering with android to deliver a customized device that is causing the issue. This is why iPhones and WP7 and WP8 phones just work as both Apple and MS lock down the OS. I have seen rooted android phones with stock Android work flawlessly, mine included, after having these issues. Android will not be taken seriously in the enterprise until these issues are addressed by Google.
  7. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    what do you want from this site OP? this is a site to help others. We do not all claim to know everything. there is no magic bullet to fixing every device. Android is a fragmented OS so of course its possible there is no one stop shop fix for all.

    if you have HTC devices (or Samsung, etc.), send a ticket to them and give them all of the info you can. I had an issue with EAS on the htc hero back in 2009. I ended up with a engineer at HTC who was talking with the IT guys at the corporation I am employed by.They were able to diagnose the issue, so that process worked for me and that is why I posted it here.

    Its clear you are irritated, but why take it out on people here trying to help? :)

    The only way to really get help is to submit tickets and stay on top of the process like I did. ;)

    this device (EVO 3D) is discontinued so the limit to help/support may be slim. I have the LTE version and have had no issues with EAS. I also have a xoom tablet and have not had any issues with EAS. and on the 3D, i also had no issues. The company I am employed by uses EAS SP2. I have read that newer flavors of EAS have had SOME issues across Android, so you are probably right, its a combination of all involved...
  8. villanim

    villanim New Member

    The frustration is more with Google trying to position their mobile OS as an enterprise ready OS than allowing vendors to modify it thereby causing all types of issues with EAS. I do realize that you need a certain version of the OS for it to support all of the security features that we have enabled such as remote wipe, password/code, etc and even then there is no guarantee that it will work due to the fact the the OEM's like to modify the OS, and that is Googles fault. When I get my Exchange server upgraded next year to 2013 so it will support WP7 and 8 devices, those and Blackberry's will probably be the only devices I allow on my network as both Google and Apple have their share of issues and I am tired of devoting 40% of my day to fixing phone issues on smartphones that are nice consumer phones, and that is all Android and iOS devices are, as neither is ready for prime-time in my opinion. And calling every vendor out tehr to open a trouble ticket for a device my firm does not provide but I support just does not cut it as I support over 300 smartphones and just as many tablets now. There just is not enough time in the day, especially when users want instant gratification and fixes.
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