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  1. lalupatel

    lalupatel New Member

    hi... like samsung galaxy S... is there a native video calling in this phone(Samsung Galaxy Y-Pro Duos).... i am not talking about skype or gtalk calls.,,,.. but the call from UMTS network.

  2. ashu258

    ashu258 New Member

    it has a front vga camera and also video calling in 3g network. but doesnt support skype video calling.
  3. essurendran

    essurendran New Member

    how is vedio calling in the phone possible? please explain
  4. chinnuabhi

    chinnuabhi New Member

    I'm using Samsung Galaxy Y Pro DUOS which has secondary camera but skype & other video calling apps are not allowing me to make video calls. can i overcome this problem?? need help...!!

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