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nav free gps battery usage?

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  1. EyeofTiger

    EyeofTiger New Member


    i just got a samsung galaxy nexus with android 4.0. This is my first android phone and i am happy I switched to android. I recently downloaded the app called Navfree gps so i can use the gps without a data plan. The maps were good and its fairly accurate. But after i closed the gps, i checked the battery usage under settings and it was still using around 20 to 30% of my battery. I switched off the gps and it still shows the same. How do i stop it from using my battery after I close the app?

    thank u

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    You're reading it wrong. The Battery usage monitor in settings says how much of your battery the app used up. For example, lets say you navigated somewhere and your battery went down from 100% to 80%. Then you check battery usage, which might say GPS Free had a 50% usage. It means that 50% of the 20% you lost (basically 10% of your battery) WAS used up by GPS free.

    Battery usage does not monitor how much an app is currently using.
  3. EyeofTiger

    EyeofTiger New Member

    Oh ok thank u for clarifying that.

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