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  1. vastheaven

    vastheaven New Member

    I just found my HTC Desire HD is NOT perfect!
    The navigation application is always "searching for GPS", it does not work!
    My GPS is definitely on because other programs such as Map or Location work properly.

    I want to know if this is a software problem or hardware problem, and how do I fix it? Anybody else face this problem too?


  2. anandv76

    anandv76 Well-Known Member

    which navigation app are you using? install the gps test app that tells you details about the satellites your phone can "see" and "locked" to. i am not using the built in navigation apps as they are cr@p but have sygic and navigation works like a charm...
  3. jonrwg

    jonrwg Well-Known Member

    hmm.. my navigation got no problem so far. locked in about 10sec.
  4. dijon

    dijon Well-Known Member

    vastheaven, I had the same problem when I first got the phone. Using the stock apps, whenever I am away from home and then switch on the GPS it takes up to 5 minutes to find the satellites. Using co-pilot, I usually get a lock pretty quick.

    However, in London I've never been able to get a lock at all (walking) either with co-pilot, google or HTC navigation.
  5. omonkey

    omonkey New Member

    Getting this problem too on navigation and maps apps. Have palyed around with all settings and still no joy. Satellite locator app seems to show that I can see at least three satellites with reasonable signal. Any suggestions greatly appreciated
  6. anandv76

    anandv76 Well-Known Member

    three technically is enough to get the location but usually more satellites say 4/5 means higher accuracy. also, in-built apps arent the best, in my view, and apps like copilot or sygic usually give better results...
  7. omonkey

    omonkey New Member

    Even with five or six satellites in view luck to get a fix in under five minutes- google maps on my old Nokia N82 got lock in around 30 secs in same locations. Anyone contacted HTC/ aware of any faults in GPS unit? Even re-installings Maps has no effect and all other applications that use GPS are equally as slow.
  8. anandv76

    anandv76 Well-Known Member

    i get a lock in less than 10 secs usually, so dont think there is much wrong with in hardware terms.
  9. Chiensinoname

    Chiensinoname New Member

    Hi everyone, I've just got my Desire HD for 2 weeks now, and the GPS never works,I've been back and forth asking, seeking for help as I thought it might be the software problem, but now it seems its the hardware itself,brand new unit and GPS doesnt work ,,,how bad is that..iam trying to send it back for repair after new yr as they said its very busy now, dunno when they will return your phone, This is the first & also the last time I go with HTC. Anyone got any method to fix this GPS problems plz share it.
  10. omonkey

    omonkey New Member

    Tried a method which seems to have solved the problem (I hope). Downloaded app "GPS Status" from Android market.

    Then followed instructions as found on this site

    (GPS Fix For CyanogenMod 6 On The Nexus One | Android News, Reviews, Applications, Games, Phones, Devices, Tips, Mods, Videos, Podcasts - Android Police), originally advice for Nexus One owners:

    Take your SIM out of the Nexus One
    Power on the device
    Turn WiFi on
    Turn GPS on
    Open application: GPS Status
    Go into its Settings menu
    Click on GPS and Sensors
    Click Manage A-GPS state
    Click Reset
    Click Manage A-GPS state again
    Click Download
    Now put your phone on a stable, straight surface in order to enable the phone to get a lock. This time, you’ll see your phone get the lock back way faster than before.
    With that done, now it’s time to put your SIM back in and use the network to secure a quick GPS fix as well.

    As I said this has worked for me so far. Let me know if it helps any of you
  11. eoxaal

    eoxaal Member

  12. jannyb

    jannyb New Member

  13. westhamdavid

    westhamdavid New Member

  14. francopaolo

    francopaolo New Member

  15. denialnw10

    denialnw10 Well-Known Member

  16. androdify

    androdify New Member

  17. Shaggin Haggis

    Shaggin Haggis New Member

    Took OMONKEY's advice downloaded "GPS Status" from app store, ran it then restarted "NAVIGATION"... Works now!
  18. jpf

    jpf New Member

    I've been having problems with GPS lately too, but none of the above worked for me. I've emailed HTC, so I'll await their reply...
  19. gmtp

    gmtp New Member

    thanks a lot "OMONKEY"..
    now, my GPS can work properly..:)
  20. Swindog

    Swindog Member

    The above gps status rejig worked for my HTC Desire HD. I was having the same problems as others. Something I did notice was the stock apps dont like using gps with out data on it. Especially Google. I then got copilot and it works first pop every time. I generally get 10-12 sats (bottom of NZ) and they lock in about 2 secs flat. Easy stuff. But i dont like how Copilot doesnt give you a heads up speed reading.
    Any other programmes comparable to copilot in the mobile, android gps stakes?
  21. asif9t9

    asif9t9 Active Member

    Just registered to say thanks. This worked for me, with my HTC Desire HD. Except I didn't have to power off, or take out the SIM card. Just load up the free version of GPS Status. Start it up, and choose TOOLS and A-GPS, and RESET, then DOWNLOAD. Exit out the program, and suddenly your nav program (Google Maps in my case), finds the GPS.
  22. jockdee

    jockdee Active Member

    tried this and the removal of the signal recieving part to adjust the contacts and still not much joy
  23. asif9t9

    asif9t9 Active Member

    Just posting again to say that the GPS Status program did not solve my problem. Very frustrating going on a drive when I NEED my GPS, and it doesn't work. I even popped out the LED cover per the Youtube video, and I cleaned the contacts and stretched the springs....still the same.

    So obviously this is not a hardware issue, but a software one, if running a program like GPS Status can make a difference.

    My latest is to run the program called GPS Test by Mike Lockwood. What I do is run it, and just let it run. I "exit" it by hitting the homescreen button. In that way, the GPS is active. Then I open Google Nav, and it picks up a GPS signal asap.

    Hmmm, could these issues be related to the fact Google Nav is a beta program? Maybe just having it on your phone messes things up? I see Google Maps had an update this morning.
  24. Helen100

    Helen100 Member

    Tried both of these options and they're not working. My GPS has picked up a signal once using these options and now doesn't work at all. Im getting really annoyed now.
  25. asif9t9

    asif9t9 Active Member

    My latest trick which seems to help...

    Go to SETTING - LOCATION and check OFF "Integrate Google Navigation".

    Then, when I do try my GPS, it takes a while to lock on (30sec....1min), but eventually it will.

    I agree, this is so disappointing. I have a 4.3" screen which I can't count on to use as a GPS.

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