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  1. Casemantwo

    Casemantwo Well-Known Member

    How do I go about getting the directions for gps playing on the bluetooth and have it interrupt like it does if you are on the phone.

    Do I need a special bluetooth?

  2. BMeyer

    BMeyer New Member

    I've been using my same Plantronics Pro bluetooth for 2 years now. First with my D1 and now my D3 and it just works. No settings to change on my end.
  3. DSCR

    DSCR Well-Known Member

    for that to work, the bluetooth device has to have A2DP technology. My Plantronics Voyager Pro and Voyager Pro+ are the best on the market, IMO. Kinda big compared to others, but great battery life, sound and performance. Both have A2dp.
  4. meloni

    meloni New Member

    everytime i use my navigation app i have to turn off my bluetooth or i can't hear the directions. Is there any way around this? seems like it used to work fine with the bluetooth on before i upgraded my software. I'm using an Droid 2.
  5. DSCR

    DSCR Well-Known Member

    The update made my phone act crazy in several different ways. One of those seems to be a default of having the volume at zero everytime I start up an app that uses blutooth. Sirius, radio apps, everything. I finally tried just turning the volume up with the volume rocker on the side of the phone. Level came up from zero and all was fine. Try turning the volume up after you start the app. It worked for me and all seems better now.
  6. kmolwitz

    kmolwitz New Member

    I think I have the same problem so let me know if you figure it out. When the phone rings it interrupts and overrides the radio whereas the Android Nav does not? I suppose the logic there is that you definitely want to take phone calls but you may not want to hear the instructions for your next turn?

    My HTC phone connects to my car radio via A2DP so there is something else giong on. Android nav plays through the aux mp3 on the radio, which of course you cannot hear if you are listening to fm or XM for example.

    I am pretty sure this is something that the software engineers will have to address. The Nav should be able to use the bluetooth interface the same way the phone does as both are high priority. My workaround for now is to simply play music from my phone, which does get interrupted by the turn by turn directions as one would want.

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