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Navigation won't go away!

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  1. yeahwhatever

    yeahwhatever New Member

    I've a HTC desire HD, Android 2.3.5.

    I can't stop the Navigation app loading up on my phone!

    Basically I get an 'Navigation' icon on the top bar - and when I pull the bar down it gives me the option "Tap to return to navigation". If I don't do anything then the icon stays there and my phone stays in a state of weirdness. The back-lit display comes on frequently without me touching anything and the phone defaults to loudspeaker.

    If I do go into the Navigation app then it allows me to exit out of the app and the icon disappears....fantastic!! until 5 mins later when it comes back.

    I upgraded to the new version of Android just a couple of weeks ago, and sort of remember messing about with downloading maps a couple of weeks ago.... (sorry - wasn't really paying attention!!)

    Any ideas? Apparently you can't uninstall Navigation... Killing the app doesn't work because there's nothing to kill unless you load it up...and if you do kill the app then the icon just comes back 5 mins later anyway.

    Maybe I need to re-install android? How would I do that?

    Thanks, Brian

  2. meiso

    meiso New Member

    Hey Brian,

    I have also been experiencing the same frustrating issue (I also have a HTC Desire HD). At times it's not too bad, but during others it seems to be so bad that the phone is pretty much unusable because Navigation keeps throwing up dialogs complaining that it wants to connect to GPS. I have also had the same problem with speaker phone turning on by itself (usually when I pick up a call which means I have someone blasting in my ear)

    I reset Android O/S back to factory defaults (didn't clear SD card though), but to my dismay the issue is back again! Aaaargggh :mad:

    I don't even need the damn Navigation app but I can't remove it as it's part of Android.

    Did you ever find out how to fix it? Any help appreciated.

  3. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

  4. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    You might have a close look at the phones microUSB connector for a contact bent or for cleaning away some dirt with an air-blast.

    HTC uses on its car kits a resistance in the plug (between pins 4&5) for to force the phone going in car mode.

    My HTC Sensation starts the Navigation app directly when it senses the car kit.

    The Desire HD used to use the Car Dock app when it sensed the car kit and then -in the Car Dock app- you had to start the navigation.
    But with 2.3.5 the DHD might have the same behavior as the Sensation.

    And so have a look at the phone's connector ... dirt could be like a resistance ;)

  5. yeahwhatever

    yeahwhatever New Member

    I got it working, but it may have been a fluke.

    With the navigator icon still on the top bar I turned the phone off and removed the battery for 5 or 10 mins. When it restarted I think it asked me to update navigator and I think I declined....then that was the end of the problem. I wasn't paying that much attention because I never thought it would work!!

    Hope this works for you....good luck.

  6. meiso

    meiso New Member

    Thanks for all the ideas fellas! As fate would have it my phone is behaving itself today (except for turning on speaker phone when i pick up a call).

    I'll try those ideas when it starts screwing up more again and write back if I can confirm any of the possible solutions. I have a feeling that it may be the one Harry mentioned because my USB socket is full of gunk and I always charge it up using USB (so it gets used a lot).

  7. HtcDesireHtcHD

    HtcDesireHtcHD New Member

    For all those who still need confirmation..... :stupido3:

    Plug your phone into USB and mount the drive. Or take out SD card and insert into computer.

    Go to .data folder and delete Navigation folder. You dont need to delete anything else, or go into that folder. Just delete it and unmout the drive. Reset device.


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