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Navigon swapable download error

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  1. Ian Harding

    Ian Harding Member

    Not sure if this is the best forum, or if it belongs in the general applications section. However, I am using the Orange Swapables Navigon edition.

    Activated and downloaded the swapable for the first time today. Application requires a 3G connection when it starts, but then prompts to download maps for the first time. I turn on Wi-fi, wait for the connected message to appear, and click to download. After a short pause connecting the app displays "An error has occurred. The download has failed.". The app closes after cancelling this message.

    I've tried several times over the last few hours but each time the same error. It would help if it told me what the error was, but the Wi-fi connect is definitely active and has no problem accessing the internet, including some app installs and downloads.

    Looking at the reviews, Navigon sounds pretty flaky, but I'd like to try it at least. Anyway, I'm now stuck with it for 30 days until I can change the swapable again.

    Can anyone suggest how to at least get the maps downloaded?


  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I think it might need a 3G connection for the initial download, I know the Skysports and Deezer swapables needed 3G to authenticate when I activated them.

    It might be worth calling and seeing if you incur any charges for the download, I know with the options I chose, the data used for streaming music or the sports packages doesn't come off my allowance.
  3. Ian Harding

    Ian Harding Member

    The app has to be on 3G while it starts - there's an error message if Wi-Fi is enabled, and the app exits.

    Once started, there's a message about downloading files. Wi-fi needs to be enabled before clicking the start download button. If the handset is still on 3G only then the app exits with an error that Wi-fi is required.

    Latest development: Orange World now seems to think I don't have swapables, so Navigon won't even get as far as offering me a download :-(

    At least Deezer is still working!
  4. Ian Harding

    Ian Harding Member

    Replying to my own thread - but I think I've worked it out, and this might help others in the future...

    I have a 4GB SD card in the handset, it was almost completely full with music. The handset memory had about 8GB free.

    After moving the music from SD card to main memory, leaving about 4GB free on each, the Navigon download is in progress.

    Looks like it assumes that if a card is present it needs to install the files there, rather than asking the user, or checking which storage actually has free space. God forbid the error message should actually contain anything useful about where it is trying to download to and the lack of space! If this is representative of the standard of design and testing in this app, I can't see using it being a happy or long-lived affair!
  5. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Glad you've sorted it. Agreed, it would be handy if they gave you something useful in the error message....
  6. Vicdude

    Vicdude Well-Known Member

    Just another example of a below par service.......

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